Sacred Munay


Inner Fire Activation Online Program – Opening to Founding Members Soon!

It’s launching! If you prefer to nourish your soul and work at your own pace then the Inner Fire Activation Online Program is for you!

Designed for those that find themselves feeling stuck, bored, at your wits end… I’m talking about going to bed exhausted, waking up tired, dying on the inside when you step into your workplace, feeling like you don’t remember when you last had five minutes to yourself and not even knowing what lights your soul on fire.

This program will walk you through rediscovering you – activating your INNER FIRE! We all have an inner light to be discovered and your unique purpose and passions will show you the way to your inner alignment. Once you hit that sweet spot it will all flow and seem effortless. Joyful moments will become abundant and life will be fun, exciting and challenging (in a good way) again.

All of the juicy goodness, tools, skills and divine wisdom taken from my years as an energy healer, combined with life purpose coaching, delivered in a step by step framework that’s easy to follow.

Prefer to Work With Me One on One?

Work with me privately in my soul centred one on one coaching program Goddess From Soul. Join me weekly for 12 weeks to rediscover your passion for life and reclaim your identity, the one you know deserves to be uncovered and dusted off to shine bright.

We all deserve to live our lives in flow, far away from the struggles and boredom that comes from a life of supression and taking action towards goals that aren’t ours. This comes from knowing your purpose and shifting everything you are into alignment with that purpose.

Often as women we put everyone else before ourselves, we nurture, we hold space and we keep the peace. It’s time to be the empowered goddess I know you can be. No matter where you are right now, let’s tap into your secret source, shift those limiting beliefs and start taking action towards what your soul yearns for.

If you have no idea where to start or have no clue what you want then that’s ok! That’s exactly why we will work together and by the end of our time together you will know your purpose, your passions and be living and working from a place of empowerment. This will transform your life. Forever.