The quantity and quality of our energy flow deeply affects our emotions, thoughts and reactions. The quality of our relationships, productivity, creativity and health all depend upon creating a high level of harmoniously flowing energy so it’s important to learn how to raise your vibration. Absolutely everything we do and who we do it with affects our ever changing vibration and how our energy centres are operating. The following techniques and ways of life will aid you in building a freer life with more positive energy flow through raising your vibration. A ‘high vibe’ will keep you moving at your most integrated and successful and healthy self.

Some of these techniques may seem too easy, but they truly are and when you come at them from a place of intentionally raising your vibration then it just has to be simple action.

1. Proper Diet:

Few of us realize the powerful effect of a proper diet not only on our physical health, but also on our emotional, mental and spiritual states. A clean diet can create greater health, more positive emotional states, clearer mental functioning, and increased spiritual attunement and alignment.

2. Vitamins:

If we suspect our emotional state may also be the result of a worn down nervous system, we might benefit from a strong multivitamin and mineral supplement for one month. Also consider how much sun you’ve been getting – we’re told to stay out of the sun but absorbing the appropriate amount of vitamin D is also important.

3. Fasting:

We can dramatically improve how we feel with short one-day fasts, or a “mono-diet” in which we eat only one type of food, such as apples, watermelon or grapes. When fasting, some may experience an increase of symptoms if a “healing crisis” is provoked. A beginner in this process should be assisted by an experienced guide or nutritionist.

4. Herbs and Flower Essence:

Some herbs can be very calming and/or invigorating, offering an extra boost which may give us the needed optimism we need to make internal changes. Do you own a diffuser? They are so great at adding a subtle amount of essential oils to the air that will help you shift energetically and emotionally and raise your vibe.

5. Daily Physical Exercise:

The body is a living machine, and like all machines, it needs to move or it will begin to develop problems. Exercise is essential not only for a healthy muscular, skeletal, and circulatory system, but also for a relaxed nervous system and balanced endocrine system. This systemic harmony is necessary for emotional and mental peace, we are designed to partake in three 30 min sessions of exercise a week at a minimum.

6. Breathing Techniques:

These are essential for the abundant flow of vital energy throughout the body and mind. Bio-energy is the basis of all physical and mental functions. Breathing exercises are one of the most effective ways to increase our energy level and keep it steady and harmonious so we will be less susceptible to low emotional states or illness. We should, however, have the guidance of a person experienced in breathing techniques before we begin so if this is new for you do some searching on YouTube for some simple beginner exercises.

7. Daily Deep Relaxation:

This will calm the muscles, nerves and all other bodily systems, and thus rejuvenate the body and the mind. Deep relaxation, in conjunction with the above-mentioned techniques, contributes to the development of a strong and healthy immune system as well as a form of self-therapy from psychosomatic illnesses. Try meditation, if that’s not for you simply being in your body and intentionally releasing the tension and stress from every part of your body one at a time will do you wonders.

8. Creative Self Expression:

This is much more important to our physical, emotional and spiritual health and harmony than most people imagine. Humans are creative beings. Our purpose on Earth is to create in some way. We might create a painting, a piece of music, a dance, a family, a business,ect. Creative self-expression is essential for our health, harmony and happiness. Create for you, create for others, create for the world, create just for the purpose of creating.

9. Meaningful Activity:

This is necessary for us to feel that our life is worth living. If we do not see what we are doing as meaningful, useful or helpful in some way, we lose our reason to exist, and our health and happiness gradually deteriorate. Begin to be more mindful with your daily activities. Practicing mindfulness is so important in helping us live in and appreciate the moment.

10. Massage:

Shiatsu massage, polarity massage, spiritual healing, Reiki and other such energy-oriented types of massage can be especially effective in relaxing the nervous system and reducing negativity. Release toxins from your physical and energetic bodies regularly to remove build up and to prevent dis-ease from occuring.

11. Cleansing Techniques:

One simple method is to increase the number of showers or baths. Contact with water can be healing and calming. Intentionally cleansing in an energetic manner when washing your hands or drinking water is a really powerful technique as water holds an energetic vibration that can be affected by energy itself, so think positive and work with intention when doing any form of water cleansing.

12. Emotional Release:

You might need to partake in a program of emotional release under the guidance of an experienced professional if you find there is constant self blocks or self sabotaging appearing in your life. This will keep you in a lower vibrational state. Trapped emotions get stuck in our bodies when we choose to suppress them instead of intentionally feeling them intensely and releasing them. If you can’t shift them yourself or don’t have any idea how to reach out to a healer who can help you release pent up emotions which undermine our health and energy level.

13. Social Harmonization:

We need to discover and overcome any fears or beliefs that prevent us from feeling comfortable with others. Human connection is a human need. You may be an introvert like me but there is always a need to feel connected to others and the divine connection. Working on what holds you back from social connection if there’s something showing up for you there is the first step, the next is working through it.

14. Spiritual Orientation:

Each of us has their own personal relationship with the universe. Whether or not we adhere to any particular religion, it is important for our inner balance that we feel and cultivate our relationship with the whole as humanity, as nature, or as Spirit. We must have some kind of connection to something more, to have hope and to feel that you are supported by ‘more’.

15. Self Knowledge:

We need to understand our own inner mechanisms, needs, desires, fears, expectations, beliefs and subconscious workings in order to free ourselves from the negative emotions, mechanisms, which undermine our health, happiness and relationships. You may want to work with a coach to explore these things from a new perspective. It’s important to explore the self on a regular basis to see what’s happening and how you are aligned to your goals, there may need to be some shifts to make the flow easier.

16. Enlightening The Subconscious:

This aspect of self-improvement usually requires an experienced professional who can help you reprogram the subconscious with positive, more objective beliefs and perceptions of ourselves, others, and the world. You are actually able to release all the trapped emotions from trauma and you are able to overcome your limiting beliefs and rewire your subconscious – amazing right? Imagine what your life could be like after this work.

17. Unconditional Love:

Showing this towards ourselves and others is the ultimate key to a high and harmonious energy flow. Love drives everything we do, whether for ourselves, for others and for the divine connection. You should be always operating from a place of love in some form and if you find you’re down then check the intention you are operating from – is it unconditional love or something else?

18. Take Action:

What excites your soul? This is the 18th step. Whatever lights your soul on fire is going to naturally raise your vibration. Whether it’s dancing to your favourite tunes, doing star jumps or arm pumping while you scream yes! There is always a way to lift your spirits through action. You just have to choose in the moment to shift your vibration.

The quickest way out of any kind of funk is to raise your vibration, you are raising yourself up above the lower vibrational emotions and actions allowing them to dissipate from your space of awareness. They can’t remain if you are energetically misaligned with them. By choosing any of these methods you can work at releasing and moving into the flow of higher vibrational fields. Like attracts like with energy so beginning to shift will call in more of these positive fields bringing with them more love, joy and connection.

Happy wandering x