Affirmations can be an incredibly powerful tool helping you achieve your life’s most extreme and wonderful desires. Thousands of people use positive affirmations regularly to obtain success and realize their dreams. However, there are just as many who practice affirmations but never see any results whatsoever. So why is this? How does the practice work for some and not for others? There are a few common misconceptions surrounding affirmations and the way they actually work. Possibly through misinformation or expecting the energy of the universe to fix things for you without any work on your part. Here are three mistakes you want to avoid in your daily affirmation practice if you want them to actually work in your favour.

Giving Up Too Early

It’s a bad habit that many people have to give up shortly after starting something new when results aren’t visible straight away. With affirmations, consistency is incredibly important. Once you get started with your practice of using affirmations, the repetition has a lasting effect that will continue to build upon itself. Repeating your affirmations daily make it much easier to maintain, after a week or so you will have created a new habit. Plus, every time you say the affirmative statement you significantly magnify it’s results. The mistake that many people make is that they give up the process entirely too early. When you give up too soon, you don’t give the affirmations enough time to set into your subconscious, shifting your mindset and doing the real work it’s meant to do.

Using a Different Affirmation Each Day

Using a different affirmation every day is like trying to work on a dozen various projects at once. Since each project requires your energy and attention, you can’t help but shift your focus and effort from project to project. Spreading yourself thin and not completing anything to a high degree. However, if you want to see results right away, then you have to focus on just one affirmation or group of affirmations and stick with them. When it comes to affirmations, it is all about focus and feeling into them with intention. To make your affirmations effective, you have to use the same affirmations daily for at least 30 days.

Lack of Attention Mastery

If you’ve been using positive affirmations for a while and have yet to achieve results, and you’ve tried everything else, it could mean that you aren’t entirely focusing your attention on the affirmation. The reality is that most people have incredibly short attention spans, and they are distracted continuously like toddlers. To make your statements work for you, you have to master your attention span, which only comes with practice. By practicing your positive affirmations daily, you can learn how to master your attention. When you can learn how to master your attention, you will start to master your manifestations. Focus on what the affirmation is actually stating. How it feels to have this manifest as truth and seeing yourself living as if the affirmation has manifested itself around you. Being able to visualize yourself living in your affirmation as if it has already occurred will greatly increase it’s energetic vibration and your attention on the task itself.

If you haven’t had success with your daily affirmations yet, don’t worry, you just have to make a few simple changes to your daily practice. Avoid the mistakes listed above, and you’ll quickly find success with using affirmations to achieve everything you desire. Thinking you can say a couple of words and things will begin to change is not going to happen for you. Use your affirmation practice with intention to shift your mentality and thought processes. See them manifesting as reality and keep going.

Happy wandering xx

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