Intuition, it’s not just a theory, it is part of who we are. It’s our core language and driver. Ralph Waldo Emerson, the American philosopher said “The primary wisdom is intuition.” Without training, we can happen upon it occasionally, and when we follow our intuition we usually like the results. What would happen if we learned to tap into our intuition on a daily basis? Why don’t we? As Carl Jung said, “intuition does not denote something contrary to reason, but something outside of the province of reason.” It is real though it is not contained in our heads. And our logical mind can’t control it, and that’s a reason why so many find it hard to follow. There are many ways we self sabotage our intuition Here are nine ways we unintentionally sabotage our intuition and how to correct it:

  1. Life is busy and we spend it rushing so much that we don’t take time to slow down and listen to our intuition – Slow down, be patient and give yourself permission to be silent and still to hear your intuition. The more you listen the louder it will become.
  2. We don’t look for the symbolism in conversations, experiences or events, nor do we develop our symbolic ability to seek them out – Be open to possibilities and synchronicities, read the messages around you.
  3. Our ego controls us, and insists on being in charge and controlling everything around us – The ego is threatened by the presence of your intuition, don’t cave into it’s insecurities, stand up for what you truly believe in and not what you do to impress others.
  4. We confuse intuition with fear and wishful thinking – When we stay in our heads and let our emotions control us we loose the gift of what our intuition can offer us, learn to decipher the difference between limiting beliefs holding you back and intuition pushing you forwards.
  5. Continuing to associate with people who don’t believe in the intuition or want to use it in any way – Spiritual expansion is contagious but so is the lack of it, don’t get caught up with people that are negative and constricting to your presence.
  6. Believing we can force intuition just like we can pedal a bike or lift weights – Intuition comes where and when invited but not on demand, be open to it’s presence. Trying to force it will only inhibit it’s voice.
  7. Insisting on staying in your logical, rational and analytical thinking as the only way to find solutions to problems or make decisions – When you are centered, using all of your emotional intelligence, tools and habits, intuition can flood you with many creative alternatives that the intellect could ever conceive. Try stepping out of the conventional box every now and then.
  8. Listening to your ego when it tells you it can handle the problem or situation itself – We allow the ego to reject the insights that intuition offers so turn it around so you’re allowing room for your intuition to guide you in your choices. Don’t focus on what others expect of you, rather how it affects you and your path.
  9. The belief that we don’t need to learn any new tools, skills and habits to master our intuition or continue our spiritual growth- Don’t get trapped in the belief that you know everything and never allow your intuition to develop through learning, challenging and allowing. It’s only when we begin to learn that we realise how much we don’t know.

With a little practice, a little coaching, a few successes and allowing yourself the time for your intuition to develop who knows what wonderful adventures it will lead you on. There is nothing more enjoyable then living life based on following your intuitive guidance. Your intuition will always guide you towards what’s best for you, so try not to sabotage it. Whether it’s enjoyment, growth or a lesson you need to learn. The quickest way to success and happiness is by following those gut feelings and having complete trust in them over the opinions of others.

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