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Energy Healing

Suffering from pains, emotional turmoil, ongoing dis-ease, spiritual blocks or just out of sorts? Energy Healing re balances your spiritual body, clears and removes energetic waste from your chakras and holds space for your body to then start healing itself. 


Can’t decide where to turn next? Feeling in a rut or would like some guidance from spirit? Tarot readings can help us make decisions, allow us to see where our energy is at presently and what we need to work on. It brings to light that which we may have hidden helping you to heal from the past and move forward with ease.


Looking for one of a kind designs, remedies, jewels or potions? The Sacred Munay Apothecary is a small batch pursuit, aiming to keep items unique, hand made with love and fresh. Search our shop for items inspired by the earth and it’s beauty, crafted just for you.

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