• ongoing shamanic practitioner

  • intuitive

  • Reiki master

  • certified crystal healer

  • Munay-Ki teacher

  • masseuse

  • yogi wannabe

  • all the skills to love you the right way!

"Through the healing modalities, holistic remedies and courses I offer I want you to realize how well your body can tune in and heal itself. I am creating a sacred container, a super laid back and comfortable space for you to come and learn to love yourself. My passion is to help others seek out a more fulfilling and love filled life; for without love and happiness we are nothing. One must grow and learn to recognize we are blessed with these unique, beautiful bodies, surrounded by such natural beauty and wonder in the world. We are never alone! Everything around us breathes and contains an energetic vibration we can learn to listen to - if you dare!"    Vanessa

Vanessa has a wild, free spirited heart and gentle, loving energy. She loves nothing more than to be in nature, watching, learning and listening to the wisdom of everything that connects us.

An avid lover of animals and culture. She has traveled extensively, immersing into as many ancient cultures and teachings as possible. The one thing she has learnt that connects all of humanity regardless of race, religion or political stance is the energetic vibration of love. We as the human race must focus on loving ourselves and as a collective raise the vibration of our planet by healing one person at a time.

Always an intuitive, the spiritual mystery of life always intrigued her. Vanessa grew up with a passion for all living things and being outdoors in the elements. In her early twenties, synchronicity and a shitty situation led her to reclaim her feminine power and she was directed to her first of many spiritual mentors. 

Since then Vanessa has studied everything that came across her path. She is so thankful to her teachers and is very passionate about passing on her knowledge and energetic vibration to others. 

"Being stuck in a negative, unhealthy relationship with your own self, mentally and physically WILL make you ill! Let me show you how to love yourself and heal yourself. I'm not interested in small talk - tell me your hopes and dreams! Anything goes in my space with you - you can come in your pajamas. I am here for you."

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