Sacred Munay


I’m here to break every woman away from the pressures of the societal expectations keeping them stuck in a life of comparison and monotony. I believe every curious woman has the power to lead their life from passion, worthiness and alignment with their purpose so I’ve set myself a goal to inspire a minimum of 1000 women in the next 5 years who are ready to jump on this journey to completely change their lives into something incredible and call in complete fulfillment.

I show disconnected and unfulfilled women of action how to rediscover their passion for life so that they can go from spending days in soul-sucking detachment and boredom to living an exciting life with purpose and flow

I’m an introvert, adventure seeker, dog obsessed hippy who lives by her intuition and tells it like it is..

But I wasn’t always this way.

I was where you are and I get it. I was living in my dream location just a few steps from the beach. I was working in hospitality management on a pretty good wage for decent hours. I even had a side business I ran in my spare time.

Everything I thought I needed to live a happy life.

But I wasn’t.

The people I spent my days surrounded by were far from my people, I died a little each time I entered the workplace. Not because the job was bad but because it was so far misaligned from me and my passions my soul was literally telling me to run far, far away each day.

I was exhausted, so exhausted at the end of the days that I didn’t want to do anything. I wasn’t sleeping, even going through bouts of insomnia. My to-do lists were huge and I was drowning in this mix of who I thought I wanted to be, trying to make that a reality but living this other life of soul suckery to pay my mortgage. To keep me in this never-ending cycle of monotony and life boredom.

I finally exploded and came to the point where something had to change.

My soul yearned for the open spaces, travelling is where I find solace. My passion lies in helping others through my gifts, so I turned my north star towards my little side business (this business), and I did what I had to do to fulfil my needs as a person living from a place of soul alignment

Always an intuitive, I have been interested in the spiritual mystery of life since a young age. I grew up with a passion for all living things and being outdoors in the elements.

In my early twenties, synchronicity and a shitty situation led me to reclaim my feminine power and I was directed to my first of many spiritual mentors. 

Since then I have studied everything that came across my path as I believe we are shown to our teachers when they are required on our journey. The journey through personal development is not easy and I dealt with a lot of painful experiences along the way. Learning and growing from each one. Releasing and accepting.

I began studies of herbal healing, incense crafting and crystal benefits. I went through Priestess training which greatly up levelled my presence on this earth and brought about the basic learnings of spiritual growth and leadership, thoughts and trainings I use everyday. I delved deeper into the scientific nature of crystal healing and how to utilise this natural form of vibrational healing on the human body. I became a Certified Crystal Healer through one of the most recognized crystal powerhouses in the industry.

Simultaneously I was drawn to the powerful pull of my own intuitive gifts and was shown to a new teacher. I walked the Reiki path for many years, climbing to Master Reiki Healer. Reiki is my favourite form of energetic healing still today and is not bound by time or space, allowing the body to clear blocks and find alignment precisely when it’s necessary and from a distance.

Through my Reiki teacher I discovered the Munay-ki Rites and through yet again synchronistic events I was initiated into these ancient shamanic rites by a beautiful woman in the Sacred Valley of Peru. I continued on the shamanic path of journey work, a path that has no end. This is where Sacred Munay was birthed – Munay is a Quechua word from the Andes of Peru meaning love and compassion in it’s highest form.

I have since learned to channel my intuitive gifts through the art of card reading. A powerful, instant download from your guides to deliver the messages that you most need to hear.

Next I moved into body work, learning Intuitive Balinese Massage, combining energetic healing with deep tissue massage for a divine healing experience.

All of these gifts and trainings I combined into my side biz for many years, helping many clients to release spiritual and emotional blocks, heal their bodies from within, and to grow through mental clarity. It was through this time with my clients when I realised I was helping to guide them on a much deeper journey. A journey to alignment through self-care. A place of constantly shifting in a direction of growth and passion.

After working with many clients through healing sessions I became an NLP practitioner to help guide my clients to greater breakthroughs and mindset shifts. While mindset growth is important I knew there was more I could do to create greater shifts and deeper transformations for my clients. I became certified as a level two Root Cause Therapist which means I am able to release trapped emotions instantly from the body and move my clients past deep seeded limiting beliefs and help them overcome any trauma from the past or present. I have also completed other life coaching trainings focusing on goal setting, confidence and empowerment.

My passion for spreading my message had me channel a book in 2021 devoted to helping as many women as possible jump out of the bitchy mindset we find ourselves stuck in when we feel there is no where else to go. You can find it through this link.

No breakthroughs can be made without you wanting to make them. And you must be open to releasing old patterns and to creating space to welcome in the new. It can be scary and you sometimes just have to close your eyes and jump! But I can tell you it’s worth it on the other side.

I am 100% committed to guiding you and sharing with you all of the unique ways we can lead you toward a life filled with excitement and passion once more.

But I can’t do this work for you.

You must also be 100% committed to this intense work of personal growth and development.

This is not over the top woo woo stuff or religious practices. This is deep personal work that requires you to step up and be honest with yourself and what you want to achieve.

All of the potential and answers you seek are already inside you, buried within, all you need is a guide to show you how to access them – are you ready?

“Being stuck in a negative, unhealthy relationship with your own self, mentally and physically WILL make you ill! Let me show you how to love yourself and heal yourself. I’m not interested in small talk – tell me your hopes and dreams! Anything goes in my space with you – you can come in your pajamas. I am here for you.”

Looking for healing sessions?
Root Cause Therapy

Root cause therapy is a powerful healing tool I use on it’s own and within my empowerment coaching programs. This incredible modality allows you to release any trapped emotions within the body and to overcome limiting beliefs by releasing the emotional baggage from any event in your past and past lives. A powerful, powerful tool that leads to release and empowerment on so many levels!

Spiritual Healing

Reiki can be shared via distance just as powerfully as in person sessions. The energetic connection cannot be bound by time or place so if you are looking to begin your spiritual journey or after an alternative form of healing and you cannot meet me in person, just book a session through the shop and I will be in contact with you to work out a time to suit you for your distance session. It’s that easy!

Munay Ki

I pass on the 9 Rites of the Munay Ki by request. If this is something you would like to receive or learn to pass on to others please reach out to me, I would love to hold this space for you. These Rites are transferred through personal attunements and therefore have to be shared in person, face to face. Contact me directly via the contact form or email. 

A few things I love

Exotic Locations
Self Care
Water Activities