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Hiya! I’m Vanessa!

I’m an introvert, adventure seeker, dog obsessed hippy who lives in a van and tells it like it is..

If you love exploring, immersing yourself into unique destinations while discovering your true self you’ll feel right at home here. My hope is that this site inspires you just enough to get out and book that flight, experience your own roads less traveled, or in the least have a laugh at my expense and learn from my mistakes.

I’m an avid lover of animals and culture. I’ve traveled extensively, immersing into as many ancient cultures and teachings as possible. The one thing I’ve learnt that connects all of humanity regardless of race, religion or political stance is the energetic vibration of love. We as the human race must focus on loving ourselves and as a collective raise the vibration of our planet by healing one person at a time.

Here you’ll find destination guides from all the places I’ve traveled, travel tips, guides to living in a van, inspirational travel stories and reviews and all the quirky spiritual juices that flow from my mind and hands.

I’m your newest hippy travel BFF, inspiring you, guiding you and answering your questions in the hope you too will live your best life exploring this beautiful world.

I’ve been curious about the roads least traveled for as long as I can remember. Always hanging on every last word when someone’s spilling the beans on their latest travel adventure to some far off lands I’d never heard of before. In 2020 when the world stopped and I was forced to cancel a trip overseas I made the leap to sell my house, quit my ‘job’ and travel full time in a motor home with my bestie Ruby.

Solo traveling since the age of 18, and with family before that, I’ve had the pleasures of experiencing many unforgettable travel moments such as:

  • being bathed and massaged in a historical hammam in Marrakesh
  • spent the night singing around the fire under a trillion stars in a Bedouin camp in the Sahara desert
  • adventure trekked, cycled, rafted and zip lined to Machu Picchu
  • watched the Great Serpent slither down Chichen Itza on the Autumnal Equinox
  • experienced the great lands awakening while the sun rose over Uluru
  • drank kava in a traditional Fijian ceremony in the jungle
  • cuddled sled dogs on the snowy slopes of the Swiss Alps
  • and many more…
reiki healer
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My spiritual journey

I have a wild, free spirited heart and gentle, loving energy. I love nothing more than to be in nature, watching, learning and listening to the wisdom of everything that connects us.

Always an intuitive, the spiritual mystery of life always intrigued me. I grew up with a passion for all living things and being outdoors in the elements. In my early twenties, synchronicity and a shitty situation led me to reclaim my feminine power and I was directed to my first of many spiritual mentors. 

Since then I have studied everything that came across my path. I am so thankful to my teachers and am very passionate about passing on my knowledge and energetic vibration to others. 

“Being stuck in a negative, unhealthy relationship with your own self, mentally and physically WILL make you ill! Let me show you how to love yourself and heal yourself. I’m not interested in small talk – tell me your hopes and dreams! Anything goes in my space with you – you can come in your pajamas. I am here for you.”

Small Batch Designs

At Sacred Munay all of our hand crafted designs and potions are created as small batch by intuitive hands. This means no two pieces are identical and each blend is unique to its own. If you see something you love don’t miss out because it will not be back in the shop as an identical remake. 

Spiritual Healing

Reiki can be shared via distance just as powerfully as in person sessions. The energetic connection cannot be bound by time or place so if you are looking to begin your spiritual journey or after an alternative form of healing and you cannot meet me in person, just book a session through the shop and I will be in contact with you to work out a time to suit you for your distance session. It’s that easy!

Munay Ki

I pass on the 9 Rites of the Munay Ki by request. If this is something you would like to receive or learn to pass on to others please reach out to me, I would love to hold this space for you. These Rites are transferred through personal attunements and therefore have to be shared in person, face to face. Contact me directly via the contact form or email. 

A few things I love

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Exotic Locations
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Self Care
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Water Activities
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