Intuitive Balinese


"The body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening.

Treat it with care."


Get your zen on and release the tension from your crappy day job or stress from the kids!

Traditionally Balinese Massage is an ancient deep tissue massage that involves the use of oils. The practitioner uses deep pressure to release areas of tense knotted tissue taking you into a sense of Mantra - "MAN" - mind, "TRA" - deliver- meditation to connect and facilitate a healing process for the body on all three levels; Physical, Emotional and Spiritual

Intuitive Balinese Massage incorporates whole body massage techniques with your intuition to create a meditative state of relaxation to balance and heal the body.

Every client is an individual and this intuitive massage will be unique in each session.

The power of touch is an incredible healing tool, combined with universal energy and intuitive flow from client to practitioner and back, therapeutic healing is not only in the present moment but as an ongoing energy.

This form of massage is a non-sexual massage incorporating both the front and back of the body. It utilizes soft stretching of the body, long flowing strokes and deep tissue massage. It improves blood circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system restoring vitality to the body and balancing it as a whole. 

Intuitive Balinese Massage is good for treating many ailments such as but not limited to; anxiety, arthritis, soft tissue injuries, depression, headaches, insomnia, back and neck pain, high blood pressure.

The benefits of this type of massage are many; circulation improvement, lymphatic system stimulation, reducing muscle tension, improve skin tone, increase flexibility and movement, heightened mental alertness, reduce anxiety and depression, reduce stress hormones. 

This whole body massage lasts from 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes. 

Whilst there are many benefits to receiving massage it is not recommended for some clients who suffer from the following; fever and contagious diseases, pregnancy (any stage!), recent operation, open wounds, un-diagnosed lumps or pains, active cancer.

You must have medical clearance if you suffer from high blood pressure, heart conditions, epilepsy, diabetes or eczema. 

(Please note due to the blood circulation/ stimulation it is advisable to not receive this massage within 2 years of remission from any active cancers. Unless you have received medical clearance.) 

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