Crystal Healing

"You know the world is a magical place when Mother Earth grows

her own jewellery."

Sage Goddess

Crystals are a naturally occurring, fixed composition of minerals growing in a fixed crystalline atomic structure. What does this mean? They have a dominant oscillatory rate (DOR) or a fixed energetic vibration frequency. 

As humans, our bodies are made up of many different organs, thoughts, hormones, light, toxins etc that are all made up of their own cells. Each cell has it's own DOR or vibration match. You can imagine how many different frequencies are occurring in our bodies at any one time when we think scientifically.

Our bodies are energy. These cell membranes are constantly scanning the natural environment for relevant vibration frequencies. If an outside energetic frequency resonates with one of our own, our perception filter will allow this energy to alter our receptors. This is great if we are surrounded by natural wonders and negative ions which is going to decrease depression and stress, boost energy and increase our serotonin levels. However for the most of us we are constantly inundated by positive ions in our day to day environment such as electrical devices, wifi, vehicle emissions, power lines and the list goes on. These ions emit higher, more harmful frequencies which lead to addictions, insomnia, fatigue, high blood pressure etc.

So how can crystals keep us energetically balanced and help us heal? Any crystals introduced into our personal electromagnetic field become frequency stabilizers as they have a fixed DOR. Our physical body is connected to our energetic field by many nadis, there are large intersections of nerve plexi or chakras where it is easiest to entrain the the cells around them. We use crystals in these areas to harmonize, cleanse and balance the chakra energy. 

Adding crystals to your energy healing session will include the activation of your light column (the central column of energy connecting our chakras) and the use of crystals to open, unblock and balance your chakras

Crystal healing is a safe, gentle and subtle energy healing modality with powerful rewards. Healthy and balanced chakras provide us with healthy physical bodies, emotional well being and spiritual connection. 

Benefits of a crystal healing session include, better sleep, reduced stress and anxiety, pain reduction, more energy, lower blood pressure, healthier immune and circulatory systems and the list goes on. All illness forms in the energetic body before manifesting in the physical so keeping on top of your energetic health is very important.   

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