What do motivational thoughts do? They help you take action. This isn’t about positive thinking or motivating quotes. Those have their place in shaping your attitude and thought patterns also. However, what motivates each of us is unique to our souls, values and passions, so you need to have your own, uniquely you, motivational thoughts – those which are most effective at getting you going!

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity” – Albert Einstein

Motivational Thoughts Of Your Own

Making a motivational thought your own means experimenting with a good thought until you find a way to use it in your own recipe for motivation. Suppose, for example, you’re in a difficult situation and don’t feel like dealing with it. Maybe it’s a hard challenge, an unexpected obstacle or maybe it’s just boredom. As you sit there, you play around with the idea of opportunity coming from difficulty, strength from hard work, lessons from challenges. Fortunately, you discover that this thinking pulls you out of your slump, you see yourself in the future, explaining to a friend how you turned this difficult situation into an advantage. This is exactly how you create your own motivational thoughts, tools for future butt kicking. Now, it might be more motivating if you imagine yourself being interviewed someday, about how you overcame this difficult time. The thoughts that work for you are the thoughts you need to be thinking. The only key is to visualise yourself in the moment after you overcome the struggle, to see it’s possible for you.

Learn Your Motivations

Experiment and get to know how your mind works. I find that beyond just thinking a thought, if I explain what I want to someone, I get excited. That is my own self-motivation recipe. When I feel unmotivated about writing, for example, I explain an idea I have for an article or a program to my sister or friend. By the time I am done, I’m very motivated to get to work. You can get creative in your motivational experiments. Maybe thinking about being poor makes you get up and get to work. If so, that is a great motivational thought. If visual thoughts are more motivating than mental conversations, then use those. See pictures in your head that get you going, use a vision board. Perhaps when people say you can’t do something, you do whatever it takes to prove them wrong. Then it might be motivational to think about them saying you can’t. What are your reasons for taking actions? Maybe it’s a better life for your kids, maybe making money means a new car.

When there is a truly uninspiring task you have to do, try promising yourself a reward for completion – make it one that really means something to you. Keep that thought in your mind to keep yourself motivated. A trip to the beach and even a simple bowl of ice cream may be some of your more powerful motivational thoughts. Lures and rewards work like magic regardless of how old you are. Recognizing the perfect motivational thoughts for you can change your life. Learn when you have resistance then spring those thoughts onto yourself for your own butt kicking.

Happy wandering x

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