Elemental Meditations

These four guided elemental meditations are a great way to center and ground yourself. Everything in the world is made up of the four elements; water, earth, air and fire, including our bodies. By connecting with this ancient shamanic practice of becoming one and respecting the natural principles of order we find peace, inner peace and peace within the existence of life. These guided meditations can be read out loud and or recorded for play back. 


Please close your eyes and take some time to go within yourself to settle your body, mind, and heart. Take your time…allowing yourself to become more and more at ease with yourself. Pause Allow yourself to become as relaxed and comfortable as you can…Let your body feel supported by the ground underneath you.


Slowly begin to see or feel yourself lying in a grassy meadow with the sun shining it’s golden rays gently upon you…Let yourself soak in these warm rays …taking in the healing power and life giving energy of the sunshine. This magnificent ball of light has been a sustaining source of energy for millions of years and will be an energy source for millions of years to come…


This ancient sun is the same sun which shined down upon the dinosaurs…upon the Egyptians while they built the pyramids… and it now shines upon the earth and all the other planets in our solar system and will continue to do so. As the sun’s rays gently touch your skin, allow yourself to feel the warmth and energy flow slowly through your body…pulsing through your bones…sending healing light to your organs …flowing to your tissues…recharging every system…and now settling into your innermost being…your heart centre.


Sense your heart glowing with this radiant energy. If you wish, give it a colour…Take a few moments to allow this warm and healing energy to reach your innermost being… physically… emotionally… mentally… and spiritually.

Pause for 30 seconds


As this healing energy grows and expands, allow yourself to see, feel, and sense this energy surrounding your being… growing and growing… Allow this energy to further fill this room… this building…surrounding this town…spreading throughout our state…to our country…and out into the worlds…and finally throughout the universe…reaching and touching and blessing all.

Pause for 30 seconds


You may share this healing energy and power with anyone you’re aware of right now… Mentally ask them if they are willing to receive this healing energy…If they are…send this source of healing energy to them…giving them the time they need to take in this energy and make it theirs in their own heart centre.

Pause for 30 seconds


Now take your attention back to your own heart… Find a safe place within you to keep this healing and powerful energy…a place to keep it protected and within your reach…Give yourself permission to get in touch with this energy whenever you wish. With the warmth of this energy in your being, begin stretching, wiggling, and moving…Slowly open your eyes, feeling alive, refreshed, keenly alert, and completely healthy.



Please sit in a comfortable meditation position. Close your eyes if you are comfortable doing so and focus on your own breathing. Take three deep breaths, breathing in and out; in and out; in and out.

Picture in your mind your favourite body of water. It may be as large as the ocean, or as small as a creek. (longer pause) Notice the way in which the water moves, the way it holds its own space, the way it impacts that which surrounds it. Notice how the water feels. Is it cool? Or warm? Is it icy? Is it refreshing? Notice how it tastes. Notice the colour of the water—and its smell. Be aware of what is carried by the water—small bits of plant or animal, particles of soil or sand, fish and other aquatic creatures, some too small to be seen by human eyes. (longer pause)

Become one with the water, carrying what it carries, taking its form. (longer pause) In your mind's eye, trace the water back to its source, back through the rivers and streams and lakes and waterfalls—back to its source somewhere in the mountains. Experience yourself as a stream beginning with rain and melted snow somewhere high above sea level.

As you begin your journey, you are a but a tiny stream, bubbly with new possibilities, exploring and shaping your own path through crevices in the rock or channels left by glaciers which receded long ago. Feel your energy. Feel your power and strength as you shape your own path through the mountains. Feel the changing nature of your being as you grow with spring melts, contract with summer drought, and freeze in the depths of winter. (longer pause) You are full of joy, enthusiasm, and the energy that can literally move mountains.

Now trace your path downstream a bit to a place where you become a fresh water lake, with water spilling in through the lake's inlet and leaving at its outlet. You are constantly renewed by a fresh supply of water, and sending your own living waters forth, carrying a rich mixture of life and life-giving soil. (longer pause) You feel full, but not overfull, strong and deep, full of motion, and yet somehow stable in your lake bed.

Trace your path downstream to the mighty river, broad and moving, carrying not only life, but also commerce. You are in a hurry, in constant motion, moving things relentlessly and powerfully downstream. You remain mostly in your riverbed, but not always. Sometimes the water coming in from melted snow or heavy rains leaves you with not enough space for its volume. You spill over the banks, for blocks, or acres, or miles, covering everything in your path with water, bringing destruction and at the same time bringing soil and nutrients which will enrich the earth when the waters recede and you return to your riverbed. (longer pause) You feel powerful, even mighty. You are responsible for much, and receive from everywhere. And sometimes it gets to be just too much and things spill over.

Now trace your path to the small stagnant pool left behind by the receding waters. There is no inlet or outlet for this pool. You are self-contained. Your warm waters and rich broth support life well, and your ecosystem is isolated from other bodies of water. There is calm here, but there is decay and stagnation as well. (longer pause)

And now trace your path to the mighty ocean, constantly in motion, answering to the forces of the moon and wind, and weather, moving in warm and cold currents interconnected one with another. You are the place where life arose on earth, the cradle for billions of species. (longer pause) Storms rock you, but only in isolated places. You are too big, too broad, and too deep for one hurricane, one snowstorm, one tsunami to affect more than a small part of who and what you are. You are always in motion, ever restless, always changing, part of the essential nature of the earth itself. Feel your endless motion as your waves rise and fall and churn.

As you breathe reflect on the ways in which your life resembles the different bodies of water. With which images do you most closely identify? When you are ready, please return slowly to your own body, to your chair, to this room. And when you have returned, open your eyes. .



Find a relaxed position – lying down is best – and get comfortable.

First, relax your body. Starting at the top of your head, allow a feeling of relaxation to begin. Feel the relaxation grow with each breath you take.

Inhale... Relax your scalp and head.... exhale.... Let the tension go away even more....

Breathe in relaxation.... Feeling your face and ears relax... exhale all the tension.

Inhale.... Feeling your neck and shoulders relaxing.... As you exhale, let all the muscles of your neck and shoulders release their hold, relaxing fully....

Breathe in, feeling the relaxation continuing to your arms and hands... Breathe out the tension....

Breathe in relaxation.... Allowing your chest and upper back to relax.... release the tension as you exhale.

Inhale, feeling the relaxation flowing through your middle back and your stomach.... Release the muscles of your back and stomach as you breathe out....

As you take another breath, feel your lower back relaxing. Feel the tension leaving as you release the breath.

Breathe in, relaxing your hips and pelvic area... Breathe out, relaxing even further.

As you inhale, feel your upper legs relaxing... Let the muscles of your legs completely let go as you breathe out.

Take another breath drawing in relaxation, all the way down to your feet. Let your legs go limp as you exhale.

Continue to breathe in relaxation, and breathe out tension.

Now you are feeling deeply relaxed. Deeply relaxed and calm...

Begin to create a picture in your mind. Imagine that you are floating on a soft, fluffy white cloud.

Feel the surface beneath you becoming softer... more cloud-like... Feel the cloud rising out of the surface you are on, surrounding you in it’s protective support... soon you are floating on just the cloud...

Let it rise a little further, taking you with it.... see the walls and ceiling around you disappearing as you float into the sunny sky.... Drifting on the cloud.

Feel it beneath you. It is soft but supportive. Feel it supporting your whole body.

Notice each place where your body is touching the cloud. Feel how soft and comfortable it is. It's almost like floating in just the air.

Notice how the cloud feels. It might be a little bit cool, and moist, like fog. Your body is warm, very warm and heavy, and sinking into the cloud. It is a wonderful feeling.

Start to create an image in your mind of where you are. You might be floating just barely above the ground. You can choose to float wherever you like. The sky above you is bright blue, sunny, and inviting. You are warm and comfortable, warmed by the sun’s rays shining down peacefully.

There are some other clouds in the sky, floating gently. See them lazily passing by, far above.

Your cloud can float wherever you choose. If you enjoy being high up, you can let your cloud rise into the sky. It is very safe. Very calming. Very relaxing. You are so relaxed. Floating on a cloud. Supported gently but firmly. Surrounded by your cloud’s protective embrace.

See the sights around you as you are floating. Imagine the green grass below, gently blowing in the wind. The grass recedes further away as you rise into the sky. From here, the grass looks like a soft carpet, the wind creating gentle waves in the grass as if it were water.

What else do you see? Perhaps some trees, their leaves whispering in the gentle breeze. You can gaze down on housetops, country roads, hills.

From this amazing vantage point, you can see around you 360 degrees. The horizon stretches out in a complete circle around you.

Notice in the distance how the hills appear almost blue.... slightly hazy.

How does it feel to be floating on your cloud? Does it sway gently, like a boat on smooth water? Does it drift in the breeze? Can you feel the movement as you gently float on the cloud? You feel so comfortable.... So relaxed.... Floating....


Continue floating on your cloud, enjoying the sights around you. Up here, the air is so clean.

Look up at the beautiful sky. The clouds that were high above you are much closer now. Some are so close you can almost touch them. Not quite.

Continue floating, drifting, rising even higher if you wish.

The ground below you looks like a patchwork quilt. Green grass. Golden fields. Yellow. Brown. Blue patches of water... rivers and lakes.

See the clouds around you. You are even able to look down on some other clouds now. See the shadows they make on the ground below. Can you see the shadow from your own cloud? See how the shadow drifts silently across the ground below.

Relax and luxuriate in this beautiful scene, floating on your cloud. You are so close now to another one above you, that if you reach out, you can touch it. What does it feel like?

You can even rise higher still, and pass right through the clouds above. Feel the mist on your cheeks as you rise through them. Around you it is a glorious white, fog... the sun shines through just enough that the white all around you glows vibrantly.

You rise higher still, suddenly coming through the clouds and out, into the open, dazzling sunlight shining on your face. The sky above is brilliant blue.

You can look down on the cloud you just passed, and see the white, fluffy peaks and valleys of this cloud below. It looks like perfect snow. Looking around below you it is as if you are above a land of snow. The sun shines brightly.

Lay back on your cloud, floating... Relaxing....

Feel the cloud beneath you... Still supporting you smoothly and comfortably, like a big, soft pillow.

Take your cloud wherever you wish.... Higher, lower, side to side... Drift wherever you want to go.

Enjoy the sights around you, as you are flying wherever you wish....


Continue floating on a cloud, relaxing... Imagine wherever it is you would like to go. Your cloud can take you there.

Maybe you want to float above the mountains, drifting above their rocky peaks.

Perhaps you would like to drift along the coast of the ocean, watching the waves crashing to shore.

Maybe you would like to float through the city, drifting in and out among buildings, watching the cars below.

You can travel anywhere you wish. You can look down on forests... the countryside... even your own home... Float wherever you like.


Enjoy the sights around you. Enjoy floating on your cloud. You are so relaxed... so peaceful...


Now it is time to return to your day. Let your cloud take you there. Feel it flying through the sky, back to where you need to go. Let your cloud lower you down, back toward the ground. Float back to where you were when you started this visualization. Let the cloud meld with whatever surface you are on. Feel the cloud slowly disappear as the real surface becomes more solid beneath you.

Notice now your surroundings. Gradually come back to the present. Feel the surface beneath you. Hear the sounds around you. Become more and more aware and alert. Continue to rest for a few moments longer, but open your eyes and look around. See your surroundings.

Wiggle your fingers and toes, feeling your body reawaken. Shrug your shoulders. Move your arms and legs. Turn your head. When you are ready, you can return to your day.



Today we are going to do a root grounding exercise. Let’s begin in a standing position. You may find that you prefer to be barefoot for this meditation, allowing for the full experience of connecting with the earth. If you find that wearing socks or standing on a mat is more preferable, please feel free to do so. Now, place your feet flat on the ground. Notice your soles and the sensations you feel. Notice how your feet feel with the connection they have made. Rest your arms gently by your side. Scan your body slowly for areas of tension- areas of unrest or stress. Maybe your head or neck is tight. Maybe you notice your shoulders are held high. Let go of any knots in your stomach or your heart. Relax your arms, your hands. Relax your gluts and legs. Wiggle your fingers, wiggle your toes. Just relax. Now, notice your breathing- is it fast and laboured? Maybe it is already slow and steady. Just take a moment to become aware. We will begin to focus our control on our breathing. Let’s do this three times. Breath in deep, and breath out, pushing the air through your nostrils. Breathe in with awareness, breath out with strength and purpose. Last time, breathe deeply, pulling the breath into your stomach, feeling your rib cage and lungs expand. Now breath out, pushing the air out of your lungs, out of your nose, out with strength.

Now let’s add another element to our breathing:

Imagine roots, as if your body is a tree. Let your legs and the soles of your feet descend as if they are the roots of a tree. Your feet extend deep, deep into the ground, deep into the core of the earth. You may notice you have very thick roots that firmly pull you down. Roots that connect you to the energy and strength of the earth. You may have some thinner roots that spread out to cover more area, ensuring more security and abundance. Now breathe up through the roots- move your breath from the soles of your feet, up through your calves, and thighs. Feel the breath move through your legs up to the core of your body. Let your tree grow up through your ribs and shoulders- with your out breath, relax your arms and neck. Feel the in breath in your throat and let it expand into your head, relaxing your brain, your forehead, your thoughts. Imagine, with each in breath, you are extending the roots up to the crown of the head. Feel your energy move from the soles of your feet up through your head and into the sky. With each in breath, notice the cleansing energy come into your being. With each out breath, release all of the tensions in your body and negative thoughts in your mind. With your next in breath, feel the power of the earth move through the roots of your feet up through your stomach and heart, to the top of your head. With your out breath, gently release this stress; let it go into the air, let it go into the sky. From the roots deep in the centre of the earth, draw energy up to the crown of your head. If you get distracted just notice your thoughts then let them go. Accept your distraction then draw your attention back to the soles of your feet, your roots, strong and powerful. Notice your breath, notice the energy you draw from the core of the earth. There is abundant energy. As you breath out, let your stress and emotions escape into the atmosphere. Continue to breathe deeply. Pull the energy from the centre of the earth, feel the energy cleanse your body. Feel your out breath releasing the tensions and worrisome thoughts you carry. You are encouraged to continue this breathing until you are relaxed, reenergized, and free from stress and tension. Breathe in deep from your roots, from the soles of your feet. Pull in the energy the earth has to offer. Allow this energy to spread throughout your body and allow your stress to be released from the crown of your head.

When you are ready, please start to shift your awareness back to the soles of your feet. Notice how the ground feels below your body. Notice the connection your feet have made with the earth. Be aware of the energy the earth has given to you. Bring your awareness to the strength and relaxation that you now embody. Bring your awareness to your roots and to the connection you have made. You are encouraged to bring this energy and peace with you throughout your day.


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