Do you find yourself comparing where you’re at? What I mean by this is do you at times stop and think, geez I’m this old I should be doing this, or I should have this in my life by now or why hasn’t this happened to me yet? It’s OK to be wherever you’re at right now.

I’m guessing most of us would have thoughts like that. From a young age we are programmed by family and education about the ‘proper’ steps one must take in life to be ‘successful’ or ‘happy’. The societal normal way of living a human existence.

Here’s the thing.. it’s BS.

If you find yourself comparing to ANYONE you’re not allowing yourself to live a life in alignment with your soul purpose. The paths we all take are NEVER the same. So why should we compare our choices?

And here’s another thing… it’s OK to start from the beginning at any time. It’s OK to learn new things, relearn old things, outgrow things, welcome in new things.

It's OK To Be Where You're At

There’s no rules! It’s just a way of thinking, a way of comparing materialistic abundance and who is successful based on their projections out in the world. Let me tell you there’s people who have the things you desire that weren’t ready for them, there’s other people that wish they had them too, and there’s also people that wish they didn’t have the things.

But no one’s going to tell you that because of this perceived value idea. And it’s an egotistical mindset.

You do not have to finish school, graduate from university, build an amazing career, get married, buy a house, create a family, tour the world, to be happy!

Everyone’s version of life is different, and everyone’s goals arrive at different times. And it’s ok to change what you want. No one’s locking you in once you say you want something (unless it’s an ice cream parlor right?).

It’s a continual climb of goal chasing, receiving, releasing and moving on, reevaluating. Learning, growing.

It’s OK to learn something new at any age, it’s ok to start a new business at any age, a new relationship, a whole new life.

Don’t not do it because you’re worried about this non tangible social pressure of ‘it’s not the right way or time’. It’s the twenty first century, time to move on from outdated mindsets.

It’s OK to be where you’re at. We are given what we can handle. And we are all fulfilling different destinies. And if you believe in past lives as I do then you should also know that each time we arrive here our reasons are different. So why would our lives all look the same?

Be different. Be inspiring. Most of the time people judge because they are scared. They wouldn’t have the courage to do the things you’re doing at your age and they probably wish they did.

So here’s my permission (even though you didn’t ask for it)

Do the thing, don’t do the thing, try the thing, learn the thing, buy the thing, sell the thing, move onfrom the thing.

Life is short, allow yourself to fully experience it without judgement and fears. You got this.

Happy wondering x