$1 Bodywash

Therapy Thursday! Everybody knows I'm a single lass with a home loan and a budget- what's better than a $1 bodywash!? Today's easy sneaky idea is by Fabulously Frugal. Try to use an organic made soap and feel free to jazz it up with your favourite essential oils and epsom salts!

INGREDIENTS Bar of Soap (any kind) 1-4 cups of water (depending on what you'll be storing it in)

INSTRUCTIONS Grate your soap (If you have a bar that is soft enough to cut chunks off of, do that instead). 1 bar of soap to 4 cups of water (adjust as needed, depending on your container size) Add the flakes to your pot. Cook over medium heat Stir until your soap flakes disappear (about 5 minutes) Once soap is completely dissolved, turn off stove and let mixture cool several hours. A film will develop over the top after about two hours of cooling. At this point, use your spoon to see if your body wash is thick enough for you. Since some of the water reduces while heating, you may need to add a bit of water to get your body wash to the consistency that's right for you, so go ahead and add water if the mixture is too thick. If you add water, heat it up and stir again. Let it sit to cool.

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