15 Ways To Make Money Holistically and Authentically

OK so making money isn't normally connected or thought of as being something you can do with intention or holistically right? But there are some ways I'm going to share with you that you possibly haven't thought of as money making endeavors. We all need money in this world to survive. Needing money, wanting money, whatever. As long as you are grateful for what you have, and don't ask for a ridiculous amount that will negatively affect you or others in a negative way, there will always be enough to share around.

Have you ever heard the term - money is energy? Well it is. We exult our own energy and are given money for our efforts. What goes out, comes in. You can think of prosperity in terms of energetic movement and not something that is going to run out. When we get stuck in this mindset (and I have been there too don't worry) that our money is going to run out and oh god what am I going to do, the universe is wired to stop your money flowing in because you have cut that energetic cord of flow towards yourself. You in fact have created an end to your income by believing that there isn't anymore coming, that's the end. So my dears what are these ways we can make money by being us? Living authentically? Doing what we love? I will share 15 ways I have discovered - because that's how we learn and grow.

1. Growing fruits, vegetables or herbs. You can sell these to local shops - because who doesn't love local organic produce these days? You can dry them, mix them and sell off the seeds or baby plants also!

2. Products from your garden haul - if you are in any way artsy or crafty when it comes to blending herbs for cooking, medicine, soap making etc you will save money on buying them by growing them and make money from your products.

3. Crafting other things - there is millions of things that can be hand made (like literally millions) have you ever used or looked at buying something and thought "I could make that" - well like you could. It requires a little effort yes but if you find something you enjoy making is it even effort? Netflix and crotchet anyone?

4. Selling your stuff! And I want to say junk but some people have fancy junk so I will call it stuff. What haven't you used in the last two years? Yeah!? Guess what you probably aren't going to use it ever so why not sell it and make money while someone else gets some joy out of it? There are many ways to sell nowadays; garage sale, markets, online marketplaces are off the hook right now, and people come to you so you don't have to leave the house. Think of clothes, appliances, dvds, books, crystals, jewelry, husbands, kids etc etc (NO! I'm just joking...)

5. Teaching - What are you good at? What is that one topic you know so much about? Can you be a consultant? Write a short course? Tutor? Music, dance, school subjects..

6. Look after people's kids for them - Is there an age limit on baby sitting? Like people need a break. Get the word out you'll watch your mate's kids for the weekend in exchange for money or something they can give you in return. Or maybe you can do some respite care for those who care for the elderly.

7. Or how about looking after some one's pets? Walking them, watching them while people are on holidays etc. I know people pay a fortune for pet care, I'd prefer to have someone watch my pets instead of a kennel.

8. Cooking - Le Ol Bake Sale - who doesn't love baked treats. Can you make anything amazeballs? I know there may be some red tape nowadays to sell food but if you can make a dollar from it why the hell not?

9. Animals - Have you thought of how you can make some money from your pets? Selling chicken eggs, manure? Goat's or cow's milk or cheese? Honey or wax.

10. Selling compost, worm castings, worm wee, manure or offering gardening services in general - if you like to get outdoors and get your hands dirty, why not beautify the neighborhood at the same time?

11. Writing/Planning/Organising - this can be for anything - functions, bookkeeping, households, people's lives. If you're good at it then get paid for it.

12. Drive for Uber or delivery companies - if you don't mind being on the roads you can pick things or people up and get out of the house. You could also be getting paid to drive your car with someone's logo printed on it!

13. Clean - if you are a clean freak how about you help out people who don't have the time but often the cash. Cars and houses are always in need of a once over.

14. Become a guide - if you know a lot about the area you live or somewhere close by why not be a guide and show others around? You could do short walking tours or take people to all the best places to eat or best place to take photos.

15. Landscape or animal photographer- if you love taking photos like me why not sell your images? There are many online platforms where you get royalties for others to download and use your imagery.

I hope these get your brains kicking into thinking about ways to make some extra money just by doing the things that you love to do already! I would love to hear ways you may already be doing this or are about to launch into.

Vanessa xx

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