Ancient Herbs and Oils for Self Love Practices

Over time self care practices have started to dominate my life as I try to live as a functioning healthy adult in a world where everyone attempts to bleed your energy stores dry. Herbs and essential oils are a huge part of this process.

For thousands of years men and in particular women have used the scents of nature for healing and of course for their perfumery to make themselves feel good. They were the original parfums and incense was used to promote wellness of the mind and spirit while also curing disease.

They are able to calm, reinvigorate, renew, restore and heal our deep wounds. Also we are able to grow these beautiful plants in our own backyards!

The following are my favourite 10 herbs and essential oils to use for self care. They smell divine and instantly relax the body and calm the mind while opening the heart to love and compassion.

Think outside the box when you want to try these, they are not only perfect in your bath they can be used as incense, diffused, eaten in salads and meals, added to toners and moisturisers, grown only as plants so you can smell their floral scents when waking. The list is endless.

Rose - is a heart opener. Great for those that may have suffered hurt. This gentle scent soothes emotions such as depression, grief and resentment. It lifts the heart and inspires positive feelings of self.

Damiana - is a mild sedative. Typically used to increase sexual passion, this herb is also good at relieving depression, anxiety and nerves. It will boost your mental stamina allowing you to be more open while calming the mind.

Bergamot - is the essence of self worth and acceptance. It will help one to release negative emotional attachments and fears while opening you up to joy, love and self approval. It is also a mild sedative but will uplift the mind at the same time.

Vanilla - denotes purity, bliss and a vision of euphoria in it's heavenly scent. This mild aphrodisiac will reduce the symptoms of depression and unworthiness by wrapping you in a cloak of warmth and security.

Geranium - will instantly change up feelings of stress and depression to happiness and serenity. It works to balance the mind and reduce nervous tension in the body.

Frankincense - connects us with our spirit. It promotes calm, soothing and elevated effects on the brain and comforts us through anxious feelings associated with our past. Smelling this scent will slow the breath and promote calm and well being.

Ylang Ylang - relaxes the nervous system and promotes joy. A mild aphrodisiac this scent also eases hard feelings of anger, fear, panic and shock. It also balances the hormones.

Grapefruit - is the perfect scent to have in times of stress. It will uplift and revive the mind. This euphoric oil will also balance the nervous system and stabilise manic depression.

Jasmine - is not only a delicious scent it will produce positive feelings of confidence while restoring energy and overall revitalization. Jasmine also calms nerves and assist with turning around depression.

Narcissus - is a good scent for ridding nervous tension and depression. It will optimise compassion for all living things including self. It is also great for connecting with spirit and creating positive new beginnings.

I hope you enjoy playing around with these scents. They are obviously beautiful on their own but imagine the in-saneness of mixing them! Like a loving hand reaching down to pull you out of the darkness. They bring such soft, soothing energy into our lives that you will wonder how you managed before without them!

Enjoy xx

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