Are There Plants for Abundance? 

Yes! Herbs and oils, we have grown to learn, are not just valued for their medicinal or aromatic prooerties. There are many plants thought to bring one wealth, luck, love and happiness. And these theories date back thousands of years! Abundance is not limited to money, it can include love, friendships, business etc.

The energy of plants is vast and intense and to work with nature's gifts for abundance one must be open to gratitude and the law of attraction. The plants and their oils will help you to raise your vibration to that which you are trying to manifest. Open yourself up to the possibilities and have faith Spirit is sending you everything you need and deserve at this time and these plants will do the rest.

Below are my top 10 herbs and oils for prosperity and abundance manifestation:

Basil- known to promote peace, luck, wealth and happiness basil is used fresh, as an EO, burned and or diffused. It is said if you put fresh basil in the cash register it will draw more business to you.

Mint- a money herb, mint will draw wealth and prosperity. It smells amazing and delicious also as a tea. Grow mints in the southeast corner of your property to draw in this energy.

Clove - will draw wealth and prosperity while driving away negative energy. Burning as an incense is best for this purpose.

Cinnamon - has been used for centuries as a money drawing spice. Used in many blends and spells to enhance wealth drawing abilities.

Lemongrass- the refreshing scent of lemongrass will rebalance your energy allowing for good fortune and the right vibration to enter your life

Spikenard.- an ancient oil used in annointing rituals and religious ceremonies, spikenard promotes grounding and peace while welcoming abundance into ones life.

Myrrh - Commonly blended with spikenard and cinnamon, myrrh attracts luck, prosperity and good fortune.

Ginger - planting or keeping ginger root in the house is said to bring wealth into your home. It is said to banish poverty while lifting your vibration to acheive manifestation.

Patchouli - dispels negative energy while drawing in money. This earthy scented oil will enhance sensory energy and attention.

Sweet Almond Oil- is a carrier oil to use with prosperity blends and EO that will attract good fortune and wealth to those that anoint with it. It is said through daily use you will see you don't have financial worries again.

To use herbs for the purpose of manifestation try adding them to your crystal grids to amplify the grid's vibration or create a money draw bag, much like a medicine bag but with everything prosperity related. Also you can intentionally wear the essential oils (in a carrier) to bring abundance into your every day life.


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