Calendula All Purpose Salve

This is a super nifty Therapy Thursday Recipe! Today I am sharing a post from Nitty Gritty Life for a Calendula All Purpose Salve with Honey. Great for all your cuts and


Ingredients 1 cup base oil of your choice (I like 50% olive oil with 50% coconut oil 1/3 cup calendula dried 1/3 cup St, John's wort or yarrow dried 3-4 tablespoons beeswax pastiles (or grated beeswax) 1 tablespoon honey 48 drops essential oils (I use lavender, helichrysm, clove, and frankicense in equal parts) optional

Method Combine base oil and dried herbs in a jar with a tight-fitting lid. Place in a small crockpot with water to the fill height of the jar. Infuse on the lowest setting heat for 24-48 hours. Alternatively, the oils can infuse without heat for six weeks, or rapid infuse in a double boiler over for 30 minutes,

After oil is adequately infused, strain through muslin or cheese cloth. Return oil to a double boiler, add beeswax, and warm until completely melted.

Remove oil/beeswax mixture from heat. Allow oil to cool until it just starts to thicken slightly. Add honey and essential oils, then whisk vigorously (I use a stick blender for this job) to basically emulsify the honey into the oil. This may be tricky at first. If the oil is too hot the honey will separate, too cold and it will be difficult to pour in the next step.

Pour into individual 2-ounce containers (approximate 4) or other similarly sized jars. Allow to cool completely before putting a lid on the jar.

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