Chamomile Facial Wash Tea

This week we look at a unique way to use chamomile in our Therapy Thursday recipe by Calm Skincare with a Chamomile Facial Wash Tea.


  1. Wash your face,

  2. Add 1 tablespoon of dried Chamomile Flowers

  3. + 2 cups of Water,

  4. Boil water and Steep flowers for 10 minutes,

  5. strain out flowers and pour yourself a cup of tea.

  6. (If you don't have easy access to flowers then use 1 tea bag of 100% Chamomile Tea.)

  7. Place a wash cloth in the remainder to soak up the tepid liquid (please do not apply hot) and then

  8. apply to your face for 5-15 minutes.

  9. Your skin should feel soft and ready for sleep.

Tip: Placing cooled down chamomile tea bags under the eyes can help reducing under-eye dark circles and eye puffiness. It also soothes your tired eyes. Tip: If consumed on a regular basis, chamomile tea nourishes and moisturizes your skin from deep inside.

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