Continue Your Spiritual Awakening With the Help of These Ancient Herbs and Oils

A spiritual awakening often stems from a traumatic experience and can be a painful but rewarding trans-formative experience in itself. Rapidly our minds are expanding consciousness while we transfer thoughts of judgement, fear and shame into thoughts of pure love, compassion and connected-ness. We self destruct to create a new.

While becoming more aware of our own instincts and higher consciousness we are often downloading a lot of vital information from spirit. This can be a peaceful time as we recognize we are not alone, however this can also be over stimulating and can lead to anxieties, feeling out of control and facing harsh emotions within ourselves that we haven't visited in a while.

There are sacred herbs and essential oils that have been used for thousands of years by many different cultures and religions around the world for the purpose of opening the mind, connecting to spirit and guiding us peacefully through this process of 'awakening'.

My favourite herbs and essential oils listed below will help you on your spiritual journey towards enlightenment, guiding you with a gentle hand in ways nothing else can. Please consider using fresh and organic herbs or pure essential oils for this practice.

Palo Santo - Seriously one of my favourite smells in the entire universe! Palo Santo is a very sacred wood from Peru. Releases nervous tension and aids meditation practises. This holy wood is from an endangered species therefore it is crucial your palo santo is collected from sustainable resources (naturally fallen trees). Burning this wood attracts positive energy and purifies the air. It creates balance on both a physical, mental and spiritual level providing the perfect pre-meditation smudge of choice.

Frankincense - No spirituality scent list would be complete without Frankincense. One of the oldest documented resins/incense in history, this scent will provide grounding and centering during any spiritual practice. It is said to purify the soul and space while banishing evil spirits from your room. Use frankincense when you need more focus and depth to your meditation.

Spikenard - Referenced in the Bible, Spikenard was an oil used to anoint the head. A very high vibrational oil, uses include protection, improved meditation and connection to inner self. Spikenard also provides many health benefits and will stimulate the internal healing systems within the body and provide calm and peace to the mind.

Sage- Sage is most commonly known as a smudging tool. It will change negative energies within a space to positive ones. Burning sage is a very sacred act and the act of smudging your space and tools will not only alter the energy in the room it will also remove any nasty bacteria from the air. The properties of sage will also relieve anxieties and depression.

Rosemary- An old ritual herb Rosemary is said to honor and assist one in the afterlife. This herb will help circulate energy around the body and balance yang energy. Known as a protection plant that encourages self confidence and amplifies intentions.

Nettle- A protection herb nettle has been known to break spells of bad luck and provide comfort. It is a good tea to take when you are feeling drained and require some time to recharge the batteries. Spiritually nettle helps us learn lessons and to help break the patterns of repeat situations of distaste.

Gotu Kola- An old Chinese herb Gotu Kola is said to help bring enlightenment. It helps us open and stimulate the 3rd eye Chakra to enhance our psychic gifts. It is said to balance both sides of the brain aiding meditation.

Holy Basil- Tulsi or Holy Basil is said to be a Mother of herbal medicine. Known to balance all of the chakras opening the energetic body up to free flowing energy from top to bottom. It will also help to quiet the mind leading to better meditation practices and mental awareness.

Blue Lotus- The symbol of spiritual enlightenment the Blue Lotus oil is a mild sedative. It reduces stress and anxiety while producing feelings of euphoria. This sacred essential oil is said to greatly improve meditation and may lead to spiritual experiences like no other.

Opoponax- Opoponax cleanses and purifies the mind and body providing grounding during meditation. This is a very sacred tool for ritual and prayer and will help you connect spiritually to your true self.

Cypress- Cypress supports all spiritual growth. It promotes feelings of comfort and warmth and allows you to go with the flow of change and life.

Mugwort- Mugwort helps us to connect with our 'clair' abilities and inner feminine energy. It assists to open the third eye and will help all levels of spiritual practice such as cleansing, protection, healing and prayer. It will allow you to discover your true self and may produce intense dreams and divination.

Lavender - Lavender helps us relax so much we are able to connect better spiritually. Known to also stabilise the chi energy of the heart chakra this herb will assist with tension, opening the heart chakra, helping with creative intentions and releasing ego driven thoughts. Lavender will assist opening the third eye and developing psychic skills.

These are the oils I turn to for spiritual practice, I would love to hear of your favourites!

Vanessa x

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