Cramps, PMS and Hormone Imbalances, Because Being a Girl Isn't Hard Enough!

The first blog of our month of Holistic Remedies for Women's Health will look into the maiden years of the female transformation from girl to woman. We will cover a lot of helpful tips and tricks using holistic remedies, herbs and crystals for aiding young women through these confusing times.

When we think of our period the worst association for the majority of young women is the cramps and pains that come along with them. Everyone is different and may experience them worse than others, or none at all, but there are a few easy ways to relieve and make the cycles less painful to endure.

The following are all remedies geared towards relieving menstrual cramps and lower abdominal pain during the menstrual cycle. These are not only for younger girls but can be utilized by every one of us.

Improving the diet. You may not think this is the first way to reduce the symptoms but by cleansing internally and using herbs and the correct diet to balance the hormones, the body will be less likely to send out waves of cramps during your cycle. It is foremost important to keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water and to stay away from the coffee. Some herbs which can assist the body to release tension and commonly known to help with cramping are fennel, cinnamon, ginger, curcumin, dill, black cohosh, cramp bark, turmeric, and chaste berry. Most of these are common herbs that can be added to meals or herbal teas. The increase of fish oil, calcium, magnesium and vitamin B1 in the diet is also known to help with period pain.

On top of diet some alternative therapies may be your next option to relieve serious cramping. Acupuncture is a great way to release tension from the body at accurate energy points. Massage is also another great way to release toxins and relieve muscle aches and pains. Some helpful essential oils to include when doing a gentle massage for cramps are marjoram, lavender and clary sage which have all been known and proven to help with menstrual cramping and pains.

Some other less intense ways to help are by the use of heat pads on the lower abdomen, the release of endorphins through exercise, birth control pills will actually help to reduce the symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle, adding more vitamin D to your day by going out into the sunshine, getting as much sleep as possible and taking relaxing, warm baths.

On top of this there are so many crystals available to help young women deal with all of the symptoms associated with periods and hormones. Below I will run through some common ones to add to your shopping list if you suffer from any of the following (note how some are repeated - these are good all rounders to have on hand);

Period pains - chrysocolla, jade, kunzite or moonstone. For effective relief hold on to the areas of pain and consider wearing for a full 3 months to prevent ongoing period pain.

Cramps - aventurine, dalmation stone, jasper, lepidolite and lodestone.

PMS - chrysocolla, jade, kunzite, magnesite, moonstone and ruby.

Heavy Flow - wear geothite until the bleeding subsides.

To regulate your cycle - jade, moonstone, rose quartz, ruby and selenite. Wear for a full 3 cycles to regulate properly.

Hormone Imbalances - amber, amethyst and moonstone.

Reproductive Disorders - Jade is a great all rounder to wear for most female reproductive disorders including endometriosis and ovarian cancer.

I hope this blog is a handy tool and guide for parents of young women or young adults or any woman anywhere that suffers any kind of menstruation symptoms that are so annoying and painful at times! Avoiding any man made drugs if possible is always the best option for our bodies. I know sometimes it is unavoidable and we praise modern medicine. However I prefer the holistic approach and through guides such as this I hope to spread the power of holistic medicine.

Vanessa xx

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