Crystals for Sleep Disorders

When we think of crystals and bedtime a lot of people will picture a chunk of amethyst on the bedside table or selenite at the bed posts but there are a lot of better equipped stones available for the different reasons we suffer sleep deprivation.

Not getting enough sleep for whatever reason is one of the worst scenarios we as humans can go through, not only does it ruin our days it can lead to many diseases and accidents. I have suffered insomnia and apart from medication there was not much I could do- until now!

One of the biggest causes of not being able to fall asleep is the amount of pressure we put ourselves under in today's modern world. Our brains are not so easily switched off and the restless mind is constantly worrying and ticking off lists well into the early hours of the morning instead of switching off for sleep.

Crystals can be placed on the bedside table, under the bed, at each bedpost or even inside the pillowcase or under the pillow if they are small enough.

Some stones for the restless mind are:

Snowflake Obsidian- clears negative and self defeating thoughts, brings peace of mind and clears unhelpful behavioral problems.

Moonstone - has always been a talisman for the moon and curing sleeplessness, combats energy blocks and brings a calm peace of mind.

Morganite- brings clear thought, helps to see from another perspective, calms, can bring immediate release of old pains.

Turquoise- helps suspicious minds ground and find emotional balance, creates peace of mind and assists with the yin and yang balance.

If you are finding you are sleeping but having very vivid dreams there are crystals to assist in dream recall:

Celestite- helps with nightmares, brings relaxation and vivid dream recall, assists with astral travel.

Green Opal - good for encouraging one to remember their dreams, good for meditation and shamanic journeying.

Lapis Lazuli - good stone for dreams and relaxation. Assists with all psychic abilities.

If you find you are having serious sleep disorders there are three stones I would recommend to work with:

Iolite- helps with all journeys on the other planes. Helps with visualizations, meditation and emotional attachments.

Lepidolite- One of the most calming stones, good for stress and depression, helps with life transitions and astral travel.

Muscovite - balances sleep patterns, helps release worry and insecurities, good for visions and meditation.

I hope this has given you a starting point into the idea of using crystals in the bedroom for sleep assistance. We all need sleep!

Try one stone, if it doesn't work for you try another one and so on. We all respond differently to alternate energy vibrations.

Happy sleeping!

Vanessa xx

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