Crystals for Weightloss

A weight loss fad you probably haven't thought about is crystal healing and what exactly these little gemmy babies can do for you. Crystals (as I mention all the time) work on a vibrational level. They work to alter our own energy levels into harmonizing with their own. What this means is, if we take a crystal that works to help blood sugar levels for example, and wear it close to us, it will start to alter our own energy levels so that our body responds into action. The atoms and vibrations within us will harmonize with that of the crystal and change the way our body functions and heals, detoxing our blood.

Here is a short list of some crystals that will help you on your weight loss journey. You can work with most of these stones simply by carrying them on you (in your pocket or tucked in your bra works great).

Appatite - Particularly blue appatite works as an appetite suppressant. Helpful when you are first starting out and wanting to cut back on serving sizes.

Muscovite - Muscovite is most commonly found on other crystals but will help with hunger cravings.

Kunzite - A beautiful purple crystal, Kunzite helps with acute addictions (because we all love our food and giving up something we enjoy is not very fun)

Onyx - Of course when we want to reach for that 3pm sugar hit whip your onyx out to help with lack of self control.

Chrysocolla - If you have some health issues to work on whilst you are working towards a healthier you, Chrysocolla will help with blood sugar imbalances. (Also very pretty)

Chrysoberyl, Magnesite and Yellow Fluorite - will team up with chrysocolla to help with cholesterol imbalances as well.

Cassiterite, Chalcedony and Quartz, Cinnabar and Citrine - are all crystals you can carry on you at all times whilst on your health kick to help with obesity in general. Team them up with any of the above stones for a major kick in the kabuse!

It is also said that a Quartz cluster near the bed can help with weight loss but it has always been taught to me that quartz is too energized to be anywhere near where you want to relax and sleep. (Although I personally have a hematoid quartz heart on my bedside so try it and find out)

If you are really digging this weight loss crystal personal trainer you can do a 30 min meditation each night with iolite, mookite, picasso marble or verdelite. Some of these may be harder to find at your local crystal store. Whilst meditating picture a healthier you and try to keep that image for as long as possible - really feel yourself as the person you wish to be.

Any of these gemstones above can also be used to create gem elixirs. Water is something that you should be drinking more of when working out so why not energize it with intention using any of these crystals? To make an elixir fill a glass bottle with water and sit it in the sun, surround the glass with a grid (or just one if that's all you have) of crystals. The energy will vibrate into the water. (Water retains this structure) You can also write words of intention and sit them under the bottle while it charges in the sun. Then drink your supergized crystal water! Please remember that some crystals are toxic so using the indirect method of placing the stones outside the water bottle is safer than in the water. It all works the same!

Good luck!

Vanessa xx

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