Crystals for Wellness

When you're feeling blah all you want is for someone to make you feel better. A warm, fresh bed, cup of tea or cocoa and a good movie. What if there were crystals to speed up the healing process? Well there are and below I will share my list of top 8 crystals to have on hand for when you are feeling under the weather.

Amethyst - amethyst is the stone for drunkenness and was believed from the very beginning to help draw toxins from the body. It helps with sleep and insomnia, lowers blood pressure and will aid in healing the lungs, intestines and skin and will also have a positive effect on the brain, relieving headaches and good for the nerves and also balances the hormones.

Jade - Jade is connected to the heart and helps to filter the blood of toxins and will go on to cleanse the whole body. It helps to boost healing especially after a surgery and will ease joint pain and soothe the mind. Jade promotes balance of the mind and body and will regulate the nerves, glands and kidneys.

Aventurine - Aventurine is a flu sniper and will boost the benefits of natural remedies, will help ease aches and pains and will boost circulation and the metabolism. Aventurine also acts as an anti inflammatory giving relief to headaches, skin eruptions, lung, sinus and eye irritability.

Rose quartz - The stone of the heart rose quartz boosts circulatory systems, provides a tonic to toxins in the heart and circulatory systems while providing deep emotional healing. It will relieve tension and lower heart palpitations. It will calm and bring peace while removing any blockages on all three levels; mind body spirit.

Clear quartz - Clear quartz amplifies the effects of other stones. It will harmonize nerves, hormones and brain functions, bringing clarity and awareness. As it stimulates the brain making you feel more aware clear quartz also stimulates your immune system making your body heal faster.

Bloodstone - Bloodstone is a purifier and detoxer of the blood. It will balance and cleanse the bloodstream allowing your body to heal faster. This stone will also help draw away environmental stress so your body can heal without the added pressure from the surrounding area. Bloodstone will also help you soak in any good nutrients your body requires for its healing purposes.

Carnelian - In a healing capacity carnelian is top dog at providing assistance for helping your body to absorb beneficial nutrients from food and medication and helping to disperse these nutrients wherever they are needed most in your body. Carnelian will restore vitality when you feel low and give you a bit of motivation to get up off the couch.

Fluorite - Fluorite provides clarity and concentration. It helps eliminate stress and will purify your aura and body of negativity and toxins making you feel instantly better. Also a good crystal for inflammation and relieving cold and flu symptoms while giving a much needed energy boost.

These are my top crystals to beat the nasty cold and flu - keep them handy and when you feel the dreaded runny nose and tired muscles coming on tuck one or two of these babies in your pocket or bra for a quick and painless flu shot!

Vanessa xx

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