Crystals to Boost Communication Skills

When we think of crystals and their healing powers associated with communication we look at healing and opening up the Throat and Solar Plexus Chakras primarily. The Throat Chakra is where we speak our truth from and connects our higher chakras with the lower chakras of the body. If it is out of balance we feel judged, and fear of ridicule will stop us from being able to communicate our thoughts freely and clearly.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is also considered when looking at communication as it rules our self confidence and courage. Unbalance Solar Plexus Chakras will have our ego ruling the roost and very little self esteem to express our true nature.

So what then can we do to balance and open ourselves up for clearer communication? Use crystals of course! Duh.. A great way to work with them on the Throat Chakra is by wearing necklaces as they fall in the perfect spot. Carrying crystals in your pocket or bra will also help keep your energy in check.

The following are my top ten crystals for Communication:

Aquamarine - this calming and compassionate stone helps communication, studying and also boosts courage. It will also make things happen by increasing tolerance and responsibility. It will gently release blocks in the chakras, and help you to center and connect with your higher self. It will also help with a judgmental attitude.

Celestite - this is the perfect crystal for creative expression, speech and clear thought. It is good for music and art and expressing ones natural abilities. A strong link to the angelic realm this crystal will boost connection with spirit guides and angels.

Kyanite - a good crystal for singing and communication kyanite is the perfect stone for expressing your true authentic self. It brings calm and helps to connect to spirit guides and psychic development. Will release any energy blocks.

Turquoise - this is the crystal to help you with public speaking and writing. It brings courage, communication, compassion and helps with creative expression. It will ground during peak experiences, brings clarity to see your own path, and will provide rest to suspicious or negative minds.

Blue Lace Agate - this crystal will improve communication ON ALL LEVELS! It will bring calm and balance to your emotions. It assists with speech and will help to bring across your spiritual ideas.

Lapis Lazuli - this crystal will help you to express your natural gifts and skills while bringing vitality, mental endurance and creative expression. This stone is a big throat healer and aids with depression and yin yang balance.

Amazonite - this is a feel better stone that helps a great deal with the nervous system. It brings calm and soothes stress and a troubled mind. It also boosts creativity.

Sunstone - this crystal brings vitality, self esteem and courage. It helps with overcoming fear and stress. It will also offer protection from evil spirits.

Carnelian - a great stone for live performers it will assist with the voice, speech, inspiration and memory. It brings vitality, personal power, self esteem and courage. It will help fear, jealousy and confusion.

Bloodstone - this crystal brings courage, vitality and creativity. Calms stress and aggression as it revitalizes and boosts inner strength. It will emotionally center and calm.

Happy self expressing!

Vanessa xx

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