Discover Essential Oils to Help with Your Stress Anxiety and Depression

These are my top picks of essential oils to help with stress, anxiety and depression. These oils can be burned, diffused, put into baths and used in other therapeutic ways or products.

Celery- Has been known to boost feelings of happiness and euphoria. Alleviates stress and anger when inhaled. Improves mental states after illness.

Melissa- (Lemon Balm) Promotes calm, peace and warmth. Slightly sedative this oil will uplift and balance emotions and improve cognitive performance.

Ylang Ylang- Lowers blood pressure, promotes relaxation and repels sadness, stress and anxiety. It is great for anyone suffering after a shock as it promotes hope and happiness.

Jasmine- Said to release serotonin in the body fighting depression with uplifting emotions. Also good at inducing sleep for people suffering insomnia.

Cypress - A helpful oil for anyone under emotional stress. Produces a calm, sedative and uplifting effect. A stimulate that also relieves stress and nervousness.

Frankincense- This resin oil is great for chronic stress, anxiety and depression. It lowers heart rate and balances hormones while reducing pain.

Neroli- Reduces blood pressure, stress and improves the functioning of the nervous system. Clears your mind while improving air quality.

Patchouli- Releases tension and sadness. Increases serotonin levels in the body helping to disperse any anxieties by uplifting the emotions.

Clary Sage - My favourite oil for getting rid of headaches. A very good oil for stress relief and chasing away depressive feelings.

Remember if you want to diffuse into bath water to first mix your EO with a carrier oil ;)

Have fun experimenting x

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