DIY Loose Incense Blends

For this week's Therapy Thursday I will share a few easy DIY loose Meditation Incense Blends by Beneath the Moon. The ingredients don't have to be expensive and being loose incense you may work with straight dried herbs or powder them down. You will need an electric burner or incense disks to burn them on.

Meditation Incense #1 3 parts benzoin 2 parts lavender 1 pinch mugwort

Meditation Incense #2 3 parts sandalwood 3 parts benzoin 1 part mugwort

Meditation Incense #3 2 parts sandalwood 1 part dried orange peel 1 part mace 1 part cinnamon

Meditation Incense #4 2 parts sandalwood 1 part rose petals 1 part myrrh 1 part jasmine

Meditation Incense #5 2 parts frankincense 2 parts juniper 1 part sandalwood 1 part cinnamon 3 drops patchouli oil

Method When I create a loose incense blend I always start with a resin as this helps the mix to burn for longer and also add in something woody again to help it burn for longer. If you just chuck a handful of dried herbs onto a charcoal disc it will be burnt out in seconds. Be warned though…resin especially makes a lot of smoke! It is personal preference as to whether you keep the herbs, spices and resins whole or slightly crushed or if you prefer to grind them to a powder in a pestle and mortar (or the end of a rolling pin in a small bowl). Don’t forget that you can use the stalks of the herbs as well, rosemary especially is very woody so it helps the incense blend to burn for longer.

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