DIY Organic Foundation

Today's Therapy Thursday is a DIY Organic Foundation with Sunscreen from Pronounce Skincare

Ingredients 1.5oz Almond Oil (or unrefined, raw, organic carrier oil of your choice) 1oz Shea Butter .5oz Cocoa Butter .5oz Beeswax 1/8tsp Vitamin E .5oz Zinc Oxide (make sure it is uncoated, non-nano, and not micronized) Cocao Powder (organic cocao or cocoa) Cinnamon

Method Using your scale and the tare function, measure and combine the first five ingredients into the glass bowl into your double-boiler. DO NOT add the zinc oxide, cocoa powder, or cinnamon! Completely melt the first five ingredients, stirring occasionally with your whisk. Remove from heat and allow time to cool a bit (a few minutes …and wipe excess moisture off the outside of your bowl, too). Place your bowl back on the scale, hit tare, and add in spoonfuls of zinc oxide until you get to .5oz. This gives you approximately a 10 SPF coverage (as it’s approximately 10% of the total weight). Whisk to completely combine. Add 1/8tsp cinnamon; whisk to combine. Add cocoa powder a little at a time and whisk to get to the color you need…

1/2Tbs cocoa powder is a light foundation 1/2Tbs plus 1tsp is a medium foundation 1/2Tbs plus 2tsp is a medium-dark foundation

Simply start with 1/2Tbs of cocoa powder, whisk to combine, check on your wrist for a color match, and add more cocoa powder (1/2tsp at a time) until you reach your perfect color Pour into your selected container and allow to cool.

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