Effective Communication Tips and Tricks

Communication is connected with every relationship we ever have in life. Verbal, non verbal, creativity and the arts, you are communicating just by the way you stand. There is literally no escaping it. So below I have gathered a few tips and tricks to allow one to become a better communicator in life through relationships at work, we those we love and our own self talk.

Effective communication leads us to be more honest, vulnerable and unselfish people.

Working Relationships

Non verbal - over half of what we communicate is through body language and nearly 40 percent is tone of voice. So really no one is listening much to the words. Stand tall and confident and give eye contact.

Over Communicate - say and share more than you think you have to. People will only absorb so much of new information so the more you share the more they'll remember

Engage Others - Ask for feedback and engage others in your conversation or presentations

Good Timing - know when someone is stressed or under a lot of pressure and when to approach them about certain matters. Take their feelings into consideration and you will have a better conversation and outcome

Respect - Not everyone in your workplace is your friend or joke-star. In a professional environment those that have better communication skills have the respect of their coworkers

Listen - listening to others will prepare you for a thoughtful answer. Consider group sessions to boost communication within a team

Empathy - have empathy for others in the workplace, show compassion and openness

Loved Ones

Flirt - flirting and complimenting each other in a relationship will help not take each other for granted. You will notice the little things about them

Feelings - talk about how you are feeling about things for realz/ but pick the right timing. Don't go into a discussion about something when you are riled up. Also don't nitpick unless you are looking for a fight, speak the truth

Passion - talk about what you like and don't like in bed and communicate also during the deed so they know if they are doing anything right

Gratitude - show gratitude for the things they do and say. Let them know how much something means to you

Respond - if your partner is reaching out to you don't ignore them. Listen and reply. Talk things through like grown ups, look beyond body language and know when they need you

Listen - listen when your partner is speaking to you especially if it's about their feelings, dreams, goals etc. Also listen if its about the relationship and check in to make sure your on the same page, don't assume anything

TALK! - basically talk! Obviously communication is about talking, how about you have a conversation every day to see how they are and how their day went.

Self Talk

Be Aware - be aware of your thoughts, emotions and energy, this will make us more subtle and effective communicators

Forgive - forgive the self and others. Holding things inside will lead to unwanted emotions and pent up anger, practice peace

Humility - consider others thoughts and feelings, acknowledging other's perspectives will allow you to have an open heart and greater depth of understanding

Be True - always be true to your self and listen to your inner voice. Use your truth as a spiritual expression of self and stop yourself every time you begin a lie

Don't Judge - be accepting of others and yourself. Judgement only boosts the ego and fills us with negative thoughts and emotions. Be open, accepting and encouraging

Love - show yourself love and acceptance through positive self talk and energy. Enjoy your differences -they make you interesting!

Others - surround yourself with positive people and you'll notice the thoughts going through your head change from negative to positive. Don't underestimate the power of being around selfless and open people

I hope you found this post interesting and are going to start implementing some of these simple strategies. Communicating doesn't have to be hard or stressful, it just has to be open and honest and most of all don't forget to honour your own personal boundaries!

Vanessa xx

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