EO and Herbs for Preventing and Overcoming Illness

Our final month of the year of Holistic Remedies is here and I am a little bit sad! This month we look at healing common ailments such as the cold and flu. Herbs and essential oils are very potent and can have great effects on reducing and preventing symptoms of colds especially congestion, fatigue and mental clarity. They are also exceptional at clearing any bacteria and germs from the air and body.

When we are unwell we often don't feel like doing anything, we are run down, tired and moody. Using plant based healing is easy, quick and powerful. Herbs can be brewed in teas and tinctures and essential oils can be used in a difuser, as a body rub (dispersed in a carrier oil), massage oil or steam inhalation. Please note the majority of essential oils are not safe to use if you are pregnant.

The following are 15 of the most common and reliable herbs and essential oils to use for treating cold and flu symptoms;

Rosemary - cleans the air and acts as a surface anti bacterial, a warming oil that boosts circulation while reducing pains.

Chamomile - relieves cold and flu symptoms,calming and sedative properties, anti inflammatory that will reduce swelling and redness

Peppermint - reduces and relieves coughs and opens up the airways by relaxing the throat muscles. It can also fight fatigue, nausea and upset stomachs

Lemongrass - good for fever, headaches and cold and flu symptoms, an antibacterial also useful for cleaning the air and surfaces.

Frankincense - an astringent and anti inflammatory, particularly useful for treating coughs such as bronchitis and asthma

Oregano - strong anti viral properties will help with colds and throat infections

Thyme - anti viral and anti bacterial, helps fight respiratory infections. Helps with fatigue and depression

Bergamot - antioxidant with a cooling effect that helps fight off germs, a refreshing tea that's calming, fights nausea and pain

Geranium - perfect oil to difuse to aid in cough and chest congestion relief

Tea Tree - a strong anti bacterial which is good for cleaning the air and surfaces, helps airways and fights infections

Lemon - energizes and reduces fever. A strong anti bacterial acts as a good disinfectant. Relieves flu symptoms such as aches, coughs and swollen glands allowing for easy breathing

Lavender - helps to lower pain and to assist with depression. Helps one to get to sleep and relieves congestion

Lemongrass - relieves cold and flu symptoms, headaches and stomach aches, an astringent, anti bacterial and antiseptic

Basil - a decongestant, helps to relieve pained muscles and swelling. Promotes easy breathing and reduces fatigue

Juniper - powerful detoxer, also acts as a stimulant, antiseptic and astringent

Bonus - Clary Sage - anti depressant, digestive, antiseptic that will rapidly reduce headaches and relieve fatigue

Next time you or the family begin to show any signs of the cold or flu whip out your essential oils and rid your space of those germs! Hopefully this go to list will assist you to recover a little quicker and easier.

Vanessa xx

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