Essential Oils and Herbs for Sleep Disorders

If you are like me and have trouble sleeping (falling asleep, staying asleep and even going back to sleep) you have probably considered, if not already tried big pharma medications. Do you know what is in them? Do you wonder what these meds are actually doing to your body? Fear not there are many many alternatives in the form of essential oils and herbs for sedative and relaxing purposes.

Essential oils are the modern equivalent and convenient form of natural medicines. Super easy to use, you can mix a few together and use as a diffuser blend (which I highly recommend in the bedroom) or combined with a carrier oil you can dab them on your skin so they are able to be smelt all night.

There is a huge list of EO that have some form of sedative qualities. These oils will calm your over active mind and stimulate your brain into taking it's sleepy time routine.

You may wish to smell a few and combine some to your personal liking but here is a list of some EOs you may want to try before bed:

benzoin - sweet aroma, sedative, calming on the nervous system, brings comfort

bergamot - light citrus aroma, sedative, uplifting for tension and depression

cedar wood - woody aroma, sedative, soothing for anxiety and nerves

celery - warm spicy aroma, sedative, good for nervous disorders, brings joy

chamomile - fruity aroma, sedative, soothing for anger, fear, anxiety, calms the mind

clary sage - nutty aroma, very sedative, do not use driving or with alcohol

lavender - floral aroma, sedative, pain relief, soothing, calming on mind, body and spirit

neroli - floral aroma, sedative, very soothing and tranquilizing, instills peace

petigrain- wood and floral aroma, sedative, relaxing to mind and body

vetivert - earthy aroma, sedative, calms and settles nerves, balances

Now if oils aren't your thing there are some natural or dried herbs that also offer a sleep inducing effect. Herbs can be induced as a tea or tonic, burned as incense or eaten as part of a meal. If you are using herbs as medicine please make sure they are edible and non toxic and you are consuming them in the correct manner as you don't want them to make you more sick (or tired). Some you may consider are aniseed, celery seed, chamomile, cowslip, hops, lovage, sage.

The funnest part of using natural medications is the trying and testing and just having a play to find out what you like and what actually works for you. We are all different and what works for Karen down the road might not work the same for you. I understand how frustrating insomnia is and it most often comes at a time when we can't afford to not get our rest so try a couple of these and see how you go.

Vanessa xx

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