Essential Oils for Weight Loss

Our olfactory system (sense of smell) pretty much controls our lives. It sends messages direct to our brains without being redirected or altered by any other organs on the way. When we smell something delicious all we can think about is how hungry we are and what it tastes like. So if you think about it, smell is a great tool to have in the back pocket on your weight loss journey. As we can smell something and want to eat it we can also smell something and be redirected into not wanting to eat it.

Essential oils as you know have thousands of beneficial properties, but today we are looking at weight loss. They can be smelt with a personal inhaler before meals, rolled onto the skin mixed with a carrier oil with a roller ball and or diffused, or if safe to do so can also be ingested into the body via capsule or in water.

The following are my top 8 essential oils to assist with your weight loss journey;

Peppermint - is great at boosting energy levels, curbs cravings for bad food, lowers appetite and helps with digestion.

Holy Basil - or Tulsi is an Ayurvedic Indian medicinal ingredient, it is high in anti oxidants - helps you detox, helps reduce blood sugar and cholesterol.

Grapefruit - known to stimulate circulation and boost energy levels and metabolism. Also lifts your mood by invigorating the mind.

Cinnamon - boosts metabolism and reduces cravings. Full of anti oxidants to detox the body and balance blood sugar levels.

Ginger - helps to absorb nutrients in the body, reduces sugar cravings and is an anti inflammatory.

Fennel - metabolism booster, detoxer and appetite suppressant. Fennel also helps to sleep better giving you more energy the next day.

Lemongrass - aids weight loss by thoroughly detoxing the body (also of fatty deposits), soothing the stomach and boosting the metabolism.

Lavender - assists with relaxation and sleep. Smell lavender when suffering anxiety to calm the mind instead of reaching for unhealthy snacks.

There you have an alternative to consuming your way to a slimmer you, try smelling your way to a slimmer you! Never underestimate your sense of smell and the healing powers it can have over your body and mind.

Vanessa xx

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