Essential Oils to Open up the Throat Chakra and Boost Communication

The healing power and medicinal vibration of plants is insane and when we look at energetic healing for intentional areas of the body nothing beats essential oils. Our ancestors used plants for thousands of years so there is no reason we can't continue to use nature's purest form of healing through essential oils today.

The olfactory system is the quickest way to the brain and smell can transcend one in a matter of seconds, targeting specific areas of the body for healing. If your throat chakra is blocked or over active you may be experiencing symptoms such as being misunderstood, unable to speak out or be heard, secretive, not being a good listener, loud, opinionated and or gossipy.

The following 10 essential oils are my top favourite throat chakra scents to balance and allow one to become a clear communicator.

geranium - boosts confidence and self assurance in conversations. Helps us to connect with our emotions more intensely and to not take things so personally.

lavender - will calm and relax your senses making you less stressed and in a better mood to enhance the intuition and put you more in the present moment.

jasmine - is a good relationship scent, it will enhance communication of deeper feelings and anything repressed can be brought to the surface. It will enhance the flow of energy in the throat chakra.

tea tree - good for clearing blocked energy and lifting the spirit. It will help reduce nerves and build confidence.

cypress - soothes stress and anxiety and works well on the respiratory system.

sage - a pure and cleansing oil, it will increase alertness, mental fatigue and memory.

peppermint - will calm the senses when things are getting a little too heated. It will also stimulate the mind and enhance creativity.

frankincense - will center and balance for calm communication even in heated moments. Connects to the divine opening up communication with your higher self.

eucalyptus - healing for the throat chakra, promotes an inner freedom to be able to express ones true feelings. Helps you to feel less overwhelmed.

hyssop - a cleansing and purifying essential oil for the mind removing worries, a great respiratory healer also.

I hope these come in handy if you are trying to build on your communication skills. You can also consider using these EO if you are presenting a speech or opening up the communication walls within a relationship.

Vanessa xx

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