Firming Eye Cream

Today's Therapy Thursday is a firming eye cream by Primally Inspired. All natural, organic eye cream for those pesky wrinkles and under eye puffy circles.

Ingredients 1/4 cup green tea 1/8 tsp. NeoDefend 1 tbsp. rosehip seed oil 1 tbsp. sweet almond oil 1/4 tsp. vitamin E 1 tsp. emulsifying wax 1 drop carrot Seed essential Oil 3 drop lavender Essential Oil Method 1. Brew a cup of green tea. 2. Fill two medium sauce pans about half way full of water. 3. Place a glass bowl with a spout in each pot and turn on stove to medium heat. 4. Add wax, rosehip seed oil, vitamin E oil and sweet almond oil to one pot. 5. Add green tea and NeoDefend to the other pot. 6. Heat both mixtures until the emulsifying wax has totally melted. 7. Check temperatures of both pots with a thermometer. **BOTH mixtures must be the same temp before you combine them or your cream won’t set.** 8. When both your oil mixture and water mixture reach around 130 degrees, pour your water mixture into your oil mixture.

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