Herb Infused Body Oil

It's therapy Thursday and today's recipe is a Herb Infused Body Oil from Free People. This can replace your daily moisturiser or be added to the bath for soft skin.

Ingredients Small handful of fresh sage 1/2 cup sweet almond oil Lavender essential oil Ball jar with lid Old tee shirt or cheese cloth Bowl 4 oz. resealable glass container

Method Wash and thoroughly dry the sage, then chop or tear the herbs roughly and place in the bottom of the dry Ball jar. Pour the oil over the chopped herbs, tightly seal the jar, and place in a cool dark place for at least two weeks, swirling the jar every few days to ensure it properly infuses. After two weeks, it’s time to strain the sage out. Take a swatch from your old (clean) tee shirt, place it over the top of the bowl, and carefully pour the infused oil over the fabric. The oil will strain through to the bowl, the herbs will catch on the shirt. Gather the fabric into a pouch to squeeze all of the oil from the herbs. Next, slowly add the lavender essential oil a few drops at a time to the strained infusion. Be sparing in how much you add, as essential oil is strong and a little goes a very long way. Once you’ve achieved a scent strength that suits you, carefully pour the infused oil into your sterilized resealable container and cap it off (you may want to use a funnel). Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and the oil should keep for up to six months.

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