Hold Space For Someone In Need

A few months ago my holistic teacher introduced me to the term "Holding Space" for someone. Whilst it is a term I had not heard of before I have come to realise it is an incredibly common situation I find myself in often. Mostly at work however also for friends and family when they need it.  So what is holding space for someone? As it's name suggests you are creating a little sacred space for that person in need where they are foremost removed from judgement, and held and supported whilst they are going through whatever circumstance they have to. It may be grief, caring for someone, a job transition, break up, illness, selling a house, buying a car; the list goes on. Your role is to be there, offering support whilst allowing them to walk their path to the outcome they desire, without judgement or burdening them with your opinion. You will be there at the end, whatever direction they have chosen to walk. You are their rock and reminder of normality through this transition. You may even be holding space for someone who is holding space for another. Often carers need someone to be there for them more than any of us. The key is to be removed emotionally from the outcome as the feelings/decisions are not ours to make.  We are surrounded almost daily by others who need us to hold space for them. They may ask for it or simply need an ear. You may find as I do many times strangers will implode their stories or woes on you. Holding space is a great way to create a non judgmental support for them whilst having no emotional connection to the outcome other than making sure they are OK. This in turn saves a strain on your personal energy system. They may ask you to hold space for them, you may ask them if it is OK to hold space for them or it may just happen without either realising. You may just listen, you might want to help them, care for them, send prayers for them, whatever or however you chose to hold space for someone you do it without wanting or needing anything in return.  It is an incredibly powerful way to be there for someone. Don't ever think holding space for someone goes unnoticed or unappreciated, just think of all the times you may have had someone there for you or needed someone there to just hold you in their precious non judgmental presence.

Happy wandering x 

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