How our Gardens can Save us From Ourselves!

Sometimes when we are feeling low we feel like we are letting everyone around us down and that makes us feel even worse. Spiraling into stress, anxiety and depression is often an inner battle we face alone. But it doesn't have to be forever. We all are accountable for our health, mental and physical.

Taking steps to change our lifestyles can help and using holistic remedies such as essential oils and crystals and herbs, which we will discuss today, is greatly becoming a world wide commonality as we all try to live in a more sustainable way. Living off the land, consuming organic foods and healing our bodies and minds through the use of Mother Nature's medicinal herbs.

Herbs, commonly found in your own garden, are powerful medicinal ingredients that can assist and encourage our bodies to heal from the inside out without the horrendous side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

Please do not consume any plant without knowing for certain it is safe to do so.

The following are a list of herbs known to provide relief and support to one going through moments of stress and anxiety and also depression.

Basil - an uncommonly used herb for this purpose basil offers a calming effect that will treat nerves, fatigue of the mind and depression.

Bergamot - this calming, relaxing herb is actually a great tool for energizing someone with depression, it can also reduce agitation and blood pressure.

Geranium - helps us diffuse anxiety into a state of calm rationale. It balances hormones and relieves depression by uplifting our emotions.

Grapefruit - relieves headaches, uplifts the mood and reduces stress. This wonder herb when inhaled is great also as a fatigue battler.

Lavender - one of the most popular of herbs, lavender offers a calming, soothing scent that reduces blood pressure, stress, anxiety, nerves and promotes peace and relaxation.

Lemongrass - a widely used anti everything (anti fungal, antioxidant etc) this herb is now being proven to be a great tool for depression, anxiety and stress relief by lowering blood pressure and calming.

Litsea Cubeba - an ancient Chinese medicinal herb, uplifting and rejuvenating to the mind. An arrhythmia controller and a battler for anger and irritability.

Petigrain - this nerve tonic helps lead to positive thinking. While strengthening the nervous system it also provides comfort for shock, anxiety, stress and fear.

Pimento - (allspice) has a relaxing effect on the brain, muscles and nerves. Also pimento provides a relief from insomnia and depression through calming.

Rose - helps with grief, shock and panic after trauma. The beautiful smell of rose is said to reduce emotional turmoil associated with anxiety and depression.

Rosemary - reduces stress and improves clarity of the mind. Helps with mental and physical fatigue.

Rosewood - relieves sadness and depression quickly providing a new and better outlook through positivism.

Vanessa xx

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