How the 5 Principles of Reiki can Change Your Life

I started researching Reiki and completed a lot of reading on the subject long before I received my first level certification. A skeptic of all things I can't physically see or touch I often find it difficult to wrap my mind around concepts that in fact need my mind to trust in. Upon stumbling across the five precepts of Reiki I started to see and accept that in fact I have not been ALLOWING myself to live a truly happy life. I put allowing in capitals because I see now that harboring thoughts and feelings towards certain situations and people in our lives in fact comes from only ourselves. ONLY YOU create emotional states based on what situations present themselves to you. It is how you react to that situation that deems it good or bad for you. What is Reiki? Reiki translates to the "Universal Life Energy". As a Reiki practitioner I am able to be a channel for this life force to heal others in the form of balancing the body's energy, removing blockages creating harmony for mind, body and spirit. The path of Reiki creates transformation at all levels; spiritual, physical, mental and emotional. By removing blockages in one area you are allowing your body to heal others. However I do not feel you have to take the path of a Reiki practitioner to invite happiness into your life by following the five principles. First level Reiki is all about connecting to the life force and self healing. Healing yourself before you can heal others. One major part of healing yourself is by creating this happiness in your life you probably didn't even realise you were missing out on as we are all programmed to act and feel in certain ways based on the world around us and how it has taught us to react to situations. The five principles of Reiki all begin with "Just for today,". I think this is really beautiful and the key to changing your mind set. Just for today you will try to follow the precepts. We are all human and it is just nearly impossible to change something overnight and or stick to resolutions (yes we've all tried it, every year in fact whilst we welcome a new year, new you lol) But trying to stick to something for just one day is so much easier to achieve. And if in fact you fail it one day, that's completely OK, you'll just try again tomorrow. Nothing bad is going to happen, you will just acknowledge it and move on, big deal. So what are these golden principles? 

1. Just for today I will not worry. This one in fact is probably the hardest believe it or not to follow. Not trying to be sexist but it is probably harder for women as we are programmed with the motherly instincts that are always wanting to make sure everyone and everything is safe and happy before ourselves. When you stop and have a thought or two about worry what is it in fact that we are doing to that someone or something that we are worrying about? That's right. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Apart from maybe making them a little uncomfortable worrying does in fact do nothing for what you are worrying about. It's not going to make them happy or keep them safe. You can't control their life. All worrying does is cause for yourself more stress and anxiety that has nothing to do with what you are doing. Worrying takes you away from the present moment. You are missing out on your life right now by worrying about something that is yet to come. Accept the set back or obstacle as a positive lesson to learn from. When you accept this principle you will instantly feel lighter and more relaxed.

2. Just for today I will not anger. Anger... We all possess it, of course some of us tend to be snappier than others. For me personally the smallest things would piss me off but not for very long and I would tend to bottle up my feelings creating a big "stew" pot I would throw ingredients into every time. In the end it was always only me that's had to deal with my anger boiling away inside me. Why? I have no idea. What happens when we get angry? The person or situation that has angered you now has power and control over you. They have taken some of your energy and in reverse if someone is angry at you you have taken some of theirs. Once you realise anger is an exchange of energy, you will be more accepting to not reacting negatively to certain situations. Why are you giving away your energy so freely? It's the other person that's going to be laughing in the end looking at how silly you look getting so angry. You will be more stressed, frustrated and even physically, anger will start to cause problems to your internal body. Don't get me wrong it's completely OK to yell "fucking wanker" to the car that's just cut you off, but stop harboring anger over situations and people that quite frankly don't really need to be robbing your energy. Just for today.. it get's easier.

3. Just for today I will give thanks. Aargh, gratefulness. We are always hoping and wishing for things we don't have. But how often do you stop and think, "Damn I am so lucky to have _____ in my life!"? It's the metaphor we all know, we often only realise what we have when it's taken away from us. Take a second everyday to be grateful for what you have. We ALL have something someone else would want above all else. Job, home, animals, sun, flowers, health, family, friends, education, food, plates, cutlery, phones, pens etc etc When we start to look at the wonders of life and let go of all the materialistic wants in our life we begin to enjoy everything around us more.

4. Just for today I will be kind to every living thing. When we think of kindness we think of karma. Sending out love, kindness and generosity we receive/attract those things. Never underestimate the way you are kind to someone. The smallest smile you send to someone while at the time they may not show their appreciation, it may be the nicest thing they have received all day. To be kind always requires the removal of judgement. As humans we must realise that each of us is living our own lives with different stages of growth. We all have different morals, values, needs, likes, dislikes, we should not judge, or enforce our opinions on others without their wishes. Removing judgement and sending kindness will make you feel gooey inside. Try it. And keep trying it until it's automatic.

5. Just for today I will do my work honestly. Everyone is dishonest at some stage of their life. There is a great line in one of my Reiki books; Honesty lives inside of you and doesn't care to be placed where others can view it. Only you know when you are being honest and everyone's degree of honesty will differ. Some people will view taking a pen from work is OK as the business can afford it as others would see that as theft. You can steal from yourself by not embracing your talents and denying others the fruits of those gifts. you can also steal from your sacred time on Earth by allowing yourself to spend hours on the net or watching TV. There are many ways to view honesty through all areas of life and it is up to you to embrace them as you see fit. Whatever you do, excel at it.

Within days of embracing these five principles I had people telling me I'd changed and I was more relaxed and down to Earth which is funny because I'd always thought of myself as being pretty damned chilled to start with. I started to realise conversations I no longer wanted to be a part of. I stopped responding to judgmental/gossipy conversations and started un-following and not replying to hurtful posts and people on social media. People that no longer serve my highest good are no longer sitting front row in my life. I have reduced my TV time dramatically. Although I like to keep up with what's happening in the world have you stopped to think of how even the news is just full of negativity? I have started really getting back into nature. Spending time with my furbabies, my friends and family and appreciating all the positives in my life. By releasing all the negativity harboring around me I have created a life filled with positivism, freedom and an ever expanding knowledge that I now have an endless capacity to choose how I feel when confronted by people and situations.

With this is mind, to follow these precepts is a choice. Not everybody is ready to change the way they think and it is very much an individuals stage of growth in all; mind, body and spirit, to accept that they can control the way their life is unfolding and influencing their thought and emotional processes. If you are ready to follow these principles remember to create a judgement free bubble around yourself and to really accept your faults and realise it's OK to mess up, just start again tomorrow. Say the precepts everyday, write them down, stick them on your fridge until it's a natural way for you to think and live.      

​Happy wandering x

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