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In lieu of the full moon tonight I thought I would reach out and teach about basic ritual. When talking about manifestation and bringing the things I desire into my life with people who may be are not magically inclined, I am often asked how I do it? What is a ritual and how do you ask the universe for the things you desire? Rituals can be done at any time any where. I choose to use the moon as a guide, it is a powerful tool in our direct energetic field here on earth. The moon phases in themselves are energetically different and it is better to do certain rituals at the different moon cycles.  A new moon in all its mysterious dark glory is the perfect time to plant new seeds of intentions, set clear desires and plant them within the unforseen dark and nurturing energies.  A full moon is the completion of a cycle, it is time to give thanks and to pay homage to the growing moon and her ability to bring our desires to light. As the moon begins to wane, let the light shine upon our blockages and release what is holding us back on our path to abundance. As with any ritual work it must be done with the intention of your highest good and deepest desires. We must not do energy work for others in any way.  I have learnt the art of ritual from my teacher with a shamanic background so I may be slightly biased in the way I do things. But they work for me, any magic work must be carried out in your own way and with your own energetic spin to it. Ritual is very private and personal. There is no right or wrong way to do it.

I call to father sky, the sun, the moon and stars...

Ritual for me: I make sure to represent the four elements always in ritual. It brings a completeness and energetic super power to your work. 

Earth- herbs, incense, smudge bundle, gemstones  Water- essential oils, perfumes, abalone shell Fire- candles Air- smudging, use of the breathe and the final blow of your candle

Steps to a basic ritual: After gathering your selected tools and a note pad and pen, find a sacred place to carry out your ritual. It will be more powerful under the watchful rays of the moon if possible. Smudge your space and clear out all stagnant energies surrounding you. Once you feel centered light your candle and incense if you have any. Anoint with your oils or perfume, inhaling the scents and allowing yourself to surrender to them. You may wish to anoint your stones as well for extra energetic correspondence.  Hold your stones and just take five or so minutes to just sit and breathe and to clear your mind.  Call upon your spirit guides and angels to be with you and help you with your ritual. I call upon the guardians of the four directions also. I begin by saying all the things I am grateful for, for if the universe does not think you are grateful for the things you have why would you get more?  Once you feel called either begin to write down your new intentions or blockages you wish to clear, or speak them out loud. Your voice is a powerful tool, but also make sure you are writing down as a reference for the universe. Write down the big goals you wish to come to light but also smaller ones. The bigger things may take longer to appear.  Write them as though you have them or achieved them.  Once you've completed this task, meditate on these thoughts and your intentions. Breathe in the smells of your oils.  Thank the universe for listening, thank your guides and angels, thank the four directions and four elements, when you feel called blow out your candle imagining the smoke carrying all of your intentions to source.  Keep your intentions and or notes in a moon or intention box and perform this ritual every moon phase or when you feel called. All your tools are sacred and should be treated as such. 

This is a basic method of ritual as a guide. Make it your own, make it personal. Remember if you don't ask you'll never know. Manifestation through ritual is big magic. Believing is one third of the process. 

Happing wandering x

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