How To Fit Self Love Activities Into Your Busy Schedule And Keep Doing Them

Self love... blah blah blah. I go on about it all the time! Why? Because it is by far one of my favourite subjects! That's why! I'm a double water sign and I looooove my alone time. But just being alone doesn't mean I am spending time loving on myself. So what is self love or self care?

It comes down to who we are when we are alone. Not trying to impress anyone, really listening to our emotions and what our body and mind is trying to tell us. It is encompassing everything that we are and being okay and accepting of ourselves. When we are being mother, friend, associate, colleague or anything else in our lives, sometimes our boundaries are softened and we are drained from having to share our energy around to so many others. Self care time is a space you allow yourself to rebuild. Time to make your cup full again as they say. If we are constantly allowing ourselves to melt away there will be no true self, we will feel resentful, drained and angry, lost, confused, lonely, ungrateful and unable to keep everyone happy no matter how hard you try because you yourself are unhappy.

So how to remedy your self care routine? You don't have to allocate a lot of time to self care if you don't have it in your schedule (although the more you allow the more you may want to). Five minutes a day is a great start if you have been neglecting yourself, one night or day a week is even better. And of course it doesn't have to be all bubble baths or ice cream sundaes. The key is to find little things you enjoy doing that make you feel the most you afterwards and workout ways to fit them into the day, and keep doing it.

Below I will run through a few of the more popular ways to use your time for self care but being all about 'self love' of course you do whatever you want to do!

Yoga and meditation will get you zenned out and in touch with your body, mind and spirit. You don't need to have an hour to go to a yoga studio, you can do some refreshing morning stretches or spend 5-10 mins in quiet meditation each night before you go to sleep while the household is quiet.

Get creative. Whip out and start a journal. Pull out the arts and craft you used to do as a kid and do some painting or drawing. No one is grading your work so allow your hands to create what they will. Write a short story or play some music and dance. Allowing your creative side to wander and play will give you a child like freedom like no other.

Take yourself on a date. Really! Going solo really inspires the courage within. You get to decide where you go, what movie you want to see or where you want to eat. Switch off your phone and really enjoy the tastes and the experience. Do anything you want to do or have always wanted to try. If you don't have a free night try a new place to eat on your lunch break.

Go out into nature and explore while the fresh oxygen gives you some mental restarts. Find a new area to explore in and create some new experiences for yourself. Feel the earth below your feet and connect with the grounding energy of the planet. Go for a quick walk in the morning or park the car a bit further from work if you are on a tight time frame.

Alter your morning or evening ritual to include something you love instead of being mundane tasks. Light a candle while you brush your teeth and get ready for bed.. Have some fresh flowers on the table while you eat breakfast.

Indulgences! Yes we all love an indulgence or five. My fave self love time is indulging and I mean indulging with no regrets afterwards - just enjoying the moment and taking in all the senses. Treat foods (cake for dinner), lush body care products or spa days, watching a movie you've seen 30 times, reading a good book. Whatever you feel is an indulgence to you - put it on the list!

The most intense self love you can give yourself is working on your true self. Working to love your shadow aspects which are normally unpleasant, but they are a part of us so learning to integrate and forgive without judgement is a major movement on the self care train. Having gratitude, positive body image and self talk is something not all of us can say we have. And even if we do have it sometimes there are days it's lacking. And that's why it's important to work on both the light and shadow self. Working towards releasing these negativities can be hard and can take some time. By using some of the activities above we can begin to learn about ourselves, how we are when we are alone and what we love doing and what inspires us to be better people. Happy and fulfilled people.

I would love to hear what your self love time entails!

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