Learn the 10 Best Crystals for Spiritual Connection

For whatever reason you have started your spiritual journey in the web we call life. The universe connects us all and whether you believe it or not (you probs wouldn't be reading this if you didn't!) there is energetic interactions happening in every inch of space surrounding us every second that determine our moods, health, interactions, mentality etc.

Crystals have the unique gift of vibrating at a distinct level which determines their healing capabilities. For thousands of years humans have worked with crystals for healing and all forms of spiritual connection, normally in the form of a deeply sacred ceremony of some sort.

Once you begin your spiritual awakening it is often followed by immense self healing and developing meditation practices. Opening up your crown and third eye chakras to connect with spirit and download information can be helped along by high vibrational crystals. Some of these crystals are easily sought while some are quite rare. I have developed a list of my favourite 10 crystals for spiritual connection and development of our 'clair' abilities.

apophylite - one of the best stones for spirit communication and meditation. Commonly found in pyramid shapes that can be placed in your meditation space, it will surround you with energetic light for deep soul healing and opening up your higher chakras to spirit connection.

selenite - will open the crown chakra and assist you to connect with your spirit guides and guiding angels. Selenite can also cleanse your space and other crystals of any negative energy. As a healing tool selenite will remove blockages allowing for better connection and communication through the chakras

clear quartz - one of the best crystals to use for setting and manifesting intentions. Known as a master crystal healer, quartz can enhance the ability of other crystals, can be programmed to act as another crystal and will amplify the energetic vibration in any space. Spiritually quartz will remove any blockages or negative thoughts to assist spirit receptivity.

azurite - is a strong third eye and crown activator. It is most commonly used to boost clair abilities. It is a strong aid during meditation and assists to stimulate the mind giving spiritual insights and better ability to retain information

tanzanite - one of the rarest stones on the planet tanzanite will create open connection via the throat, third eye and crown chakras. It creates speedy connection with angelic guides and the spiritual realm producing gentle healing effects. A strong blue stone makes tanzanite an intense ambassador of truthful communication and thinking

angelite - as the name suggests this is the stone for angelic connections. It gently opens you up to spiritual messages and compassion by heightening your awareness to the universal energy. It works in a soft, peaceful way allowing what will come to come without pressure.

kyanite - one of the few stones that does not retain or absorb any kinds of energies and is therefore a great clearing tool, for self, objects and spaces. It will align all of the chakras immediately removing any negative or stagnant energy. This balancing crystal is the perfect tool to use during meditation and attuning to a higher consciousness

danburite - this crystal is a great releasing tool, it will help one let go of fear, grief, resentment, anger etc. It will fill these holes with pure self acceptance and unconditional love. It will assist to connect with spiritual healing energies and connection to the divine.

celestite - also a stone that will release any feelings of anxiety, worry or stress to relax the mind and body to heighten spiritual connection and enhance your natural gifts. Closely associated with dream recall, celestite will help you connect to the spiritual realm and remember the next morning.

petalite - a strong protection stone that will dispel any psychic attacks or dark magic while retaining a very gentle vibration. This very high vibrational stone will help you connect to the spiritual realm and bring about joyful direction to ones life

(I wouldn't recommend sleeping with any of these crystals if you have a lot to do the following day)

After high vibing it is important to ground post session so you are not in the clouds all day and can re-connect to the Earth and be in the present moment. Try garnet, black tourmaline, garnet or jet.

I would love to hear about your favourite high vibe crystals! Let me know what you hold or have in your meditation space.

Vanessa xx

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