Let's Talk About Some Herbs and EO to Help Rustle the Sheets

OK OK we have talked previously about some easy holistic remedies and the use of crystals to assist with the re ignition of lost sexual desire, now let's look into some natural herbs and essential oils to get the bedroom action back.

There are lots and lots of herbs and essential oils that produce aphrodisiac effects. Below I will run through some of the more readily available on the market. You can try using these oils in a bedroom diffuser or burning some incense before bedtime, some you may even add to your diet.

angelica- stimulates and invigorates relieving stress and exhaustion

aniseed- old Roman aphrodisiac to help with impotence and frigidity

basil- nerve tonic and sharpening of the senses

black pepper- useful for muscle aches, pains and stiffness

cardamom- invigorating and uplifting, impotence remedy

celery- helps with anxiety and nervousness, helps restore libido

clary sage- sedative properties, nervous eraser, fertility enhancement

cumin- increases fertility and sexual desire in men

guaiacwood- tonic for body fluid stimulation and stimulation

jasmine- helps with impotence, premature ejaculation and frigidity

juniper- stimulates the body when feeling tired and sleepy

neroli- aphrodisiac and combats anxiety and nerves

patchouli- increases libido

rose- calms nerves, helps with impotence and lubrication,

rosewood- helpful for people who have suffered abuse, helps with impotence

sandalwood- relaxing and sedative, cleanses sexual organs

verbena- calms underlying tension and nervous stress

vetivert- relaxing tonic for the reproductive system

violet- aphrodisiac, sedative, restores libido

ylang ylang- sedative, aphrodisiac, antidepressant,helps with impotence

Damiana and blue lotus are great for relaxing as they both are natural mild sedatives that smell divine. Try them in a soothing bath or burning in an incense blend.

If on the other hand you are reading this because you need to slow things down or need some help hitting the brakes on your sexual desire there is an anaphrodisiac. Marjoram will do the opposite of stimulating sexual desire.

So there you have it folks, some herbs and essential oils that will give you a little helping hand in the bedroom. Have some fun experimenting to find a mix you enjoy the most!

Vanessa xx

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