Menopause: How to Survive Living Through the Fire

Not only as women do we have to deal with our periods for most of our lives, when it comes time to grow older and wiser we are hit with Menopause. The hormones are again putting our bodies and minds through hell, whilst also sticking around from a few months to a few years and lives silently within, expressing itself through many undesirable ways in no organised fashion for predicament.

Below I will run through a couple of the most common side effects of menopause and how to treat them holistically. Please note that especially with essential oils, but many herbs in general, can alter the effects of prescribed medication, so if you are taking any please take the time to speak to your doctor before starting on any of your own holistic treatment plans. You will notice a few of the herbs especially will drop themselves into a couple of symptoms, keep these ones in mind as super menopause punches to keep in the cupboards.

Memory Loss - Like baby brain, menopause carries with it memory lapses, loss of objects and short term memory in some instances. This can be embarrassing and stressful. Drinking some green tea, making sure you receive your required amount of sleep per night and stress treatment can manage this symptom.

Sleeplessness and Mood Swings - Mood swings can be inter-related to sleeplessness and vice versa. The hormones will wreak havoc on you during this transition to crone and your body will be working over time to manage itself. When things are not under our control hormonal outbursts are on the horizon. Some herbs you may consider brewing as menopause teas can be; St Johns Wort, Korean Ginseng, Chamomile, Hops, Lemon Balm, Valerian and Passionflower. There are some nice mixes on the market or consider just using one to pack a punch.

Weight Gain - Weight gain during menopause can be related directly almost to just stress and sleeplessness. To manage stress, consider what is making you stressful in the first place and take action. Donating some extra of your time to your own self care routine will ensure you are de-stressing every day. It is almost compulsory before bed to prevent restless nights. Try soaking in the tub with Epsom salts, essential oils such as lavender, petti-grain or clary sage and a nice tea to soothe any anxieties. Diet and exercise will also prevent weight gain. By controlling what you are eating (no stress eating) and making sure you are getting enough exercise will create an endorphin frenzy within releasing happy hormones. If you are battling with higher cholesterol levels try soy and red clover, switching to whole grain oats and increasing melatonin levels (ask your doc). Yoga is great for ageing bodies, it is gentle, stress relieving, increases blood flow and breath work and after a few sessions you will start to notice it's subtle but measurable muscle toning effects!

Vaginal Issues - Of course there are a few issues we don't want to talk about even sometimes with our doctors. Vaginal issues, especially drying symptoms, of menopause can be embarrassing, hard to come to terms with and sometimes painful. It doesn't have to be this way. Wild yam cream has many health benefits for women as it naturally balances hormones, also you can try Vitamin E and Flaxseed Oil. Taking up kegel exercises before or during menopause will assist with muscle retention helping us to keep the bladder leakage and embarrassment to a minimum. If vaginal dryness is a major issue for you know there are growing numbers of vaginal moisturizers and lubricants on the market today. You could also try herbal remedies such as Black Cohosh or Linseed.

Hot Flushes - Because when someone says menopause you think hot flushes. They are super common and will strike when you least expect them often out in public. You may have certain things that will set them off for you but there are many of women who just sporadically get them at random times of the day and night. There are a couple of herbs that can be used as essential oils or as brewed tea to lessen the intensity of your flushes, these are black cohosh, St Johns wort, hops and red clover. Of course you can also try cool packs and ice and keep a hand fan in your purse!

Low Sex Drive - Probably the other lesser openly talked about symptom is low sex drive. You can try sexy herbs to burn as incense, soak in the tub or difuse into the air to get you in the mood such as damiana, jasmine, ylang ylang, neroli or verbena. Most of these have slight sedative effects so please no driving after a sexy time bath! Or if you prefer to sip on some organic teas try some Korean ginseng, Tribulus or Maca to boost your libido.

If you are a crystal lover or want as much help as you can get try pairing these crystals with the remedies above. For menopause it is recommended to carry or wear on your person either carnelian, garnet, lingham, moonstone or ruby. You are to wear them all the time for the best effect and hold them in your hands whenever the symptoms arise.

No one has to suffer alone and we should be able to try as many different holistic treatments as possible before resulting to chemical medications. Talk to your doctors and start implementing these options available to you from nature!

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