My Top Prosperity Crystals

There are quite a few stones out there which one can use for manifesting prosperity and abundance in different ways. If you are thinking of creating an alter for prosperity one tip I can give you in feng shui is to make sure it is located in the South-East corner of the building or area for maximum impact. Here are my top picks; Citrine - one of the most wildly known prosperity crystals in the world. Possibly my favourite and also as I came to know a year ago, a crystal that is so wrongly sold by vendors everywhere I look. Real tumbled citrine is quite hard to find in local shops. Often vendors are selling heat treated amethyst in its place and not realising. Real citrine does not contain inclusions, it should appear translucent almost and be a greenish, lemony colour. If the stone is quite cheap and has concentrated colour on the tips, often a dark burnt orange with a white base it is definitely treated amethyst. This stone does not contain the same prosperity properties as natural citrine. If it is in a druzy cluster it is almost guaranteed to be also amethyst. Heat treated citrine does however still hold the colour correspondence for prosperity so can still be used as a power stone for its colour. ​Citrine is a professional supportive stone, its related to the power centre - solar plexus chakra. It brings manifestation of wealth, success and happiness. 

My tiny prosperity grid!

Hessonite Garnet- releases all feelings of inferiority and allows one to step confidently into their path. This form of garnet has been used for centuries to aid with fortune making in wealth and happiness. Probably the most powerful prosperity stone around.

Yellow Apatite - I wear a piece of yellow apatite everyday. This stone is a pure sun radiator to help with self power towards acheiving your goals. It enhances clarity and self worth. A great stone for starting new business and manifesting wealth.

Peridot - The Egyptians once thought of peridot as the stone of the sun. Commonly now only found in quite small pieces this stone is said to bring you more of what you already have. Also known to be a heart opener.

Pyrite- my pyrite pyramid from Peru sits front and centre on my prosperity grid. Commonly known as fool's gold, pyrite is a symbolic stone of wealth and good luck. It's also great for motivation, physical strength and self confidence.

Green Aventurine- a good luck stone of opportunity, green aventurine is a must have stone to work with if you are going for a new job or position.

​Moss Agate - a stone to draw in abundance in all forms. Moss agate is a great stone to have when starting new business as it helps bring in wealth over time. Also it is beautiful ;)

These are my top picks for prosperity, there are many many stones out there to support your prosperity growth. I hope I have opened up your thoughts on some of the not so common stones to work with to bring abundance on all levels throughout your journey.

​Happy wandering xx

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