Natal Charts and Cosmic Guidance

Today I am going to share with you one of my favourite sites ever. No I don't get any kind of kickbacks for sharing and everything is totally free. So why is it so great? Learning about your natal chart will teach you everything you need to know about yourself. A natal chart will accurately place all of the important planets and major stars and their correspondences at the exact time you were born. If you are unsure what this means, it means that all of the galaxy placements at the time of your birth created you and influence every aspect of your life. Thought your star sign was everything you needed to know? Wrong. Millions of people carry the same sign as you (which is actually your sun sign) but only you are born at the exact moment you are born and the planets at that exact moment make you you.

Make sure you know the exact time and place of your birth. This is very important.

The website you go to is -

Fill in your details and the chart will be created for you along with all the meanings of each placement in your chart.

Natal Chart Houses Reference Guide

A quick guide-

Sun sign - who you are growing to become

Moon Sign - who you are when you are alone and true

Ascendant Sign- who others perceive you as when they don't know you

Venus - how you love

Mars - how you fight

There are also 12 Houses to your chart that represent an aspect of your life - see the chart above for each meaning.

I would love to know your signs and correspondences. I am a double water sign which means both my sun and moon signs are water elements (which is why I'm so chill and airy fairy haha)

Talk soon Vanessa xx

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