Organic Coconut Conditioner

Therapy Thursday! I have another great recipe for you to try at home. Since I posted a natural shampoo a few weeks ago I thought I would share a conditioner as well. I have been making coconut oil hair masks as a pre wash for a while now and notice the difference when I dont have time so using as a conditioner should make my hair super soft. This recipe is by Freepeople -Brigette.

Coconut Lavender Conditioner Ingredients 1 cup coconut oil (get organic if you can!) 1 teaspoon vitamin E oil 1 teaspoon jojoba oil 5 drops lavender essential oil

To make ~Place all ingredients in a mixing bowl. Mix on high for about 8 minutes. Transfer into a container and you’re all set! Because coconut oil melts in high temperatures, those who live in warmth may want to store this in the refrigerator, but there is nothing wrong with using this conditioner in liquid form! This mixture should stay fresh until the coconut oil reaches its expiration date. Tip- only use a tiny amount and work up from ends using too much around the scalp will over oil your hair.

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