Prosperity Gateway 5/5

Today, May the 5th opens a prosperity gateway! Five is the money number making today 5/5 of a master number 11 year! So get out your tools and at 5:55 it's time to take some time for yourself, giving thanks for everything that you have and sending the right vibes out to the universe for all your dreams and desires for the coming year to manifest.

Some mega money tools for your prosperity ritual could be any of the following; herbs- lemongrass, basil, cinquefoil, mint, crystals- citrine, yellow appatite, yellow fluorite, pyrite, candles, essential oils, anything green or yellow, money, cheques.. the list is limited to your imagination.

I like to work this ritual over my prosperity grid which I already have set up in the South-East corner of my house to correspond to the feng shui position for abundance. I begin by lighting my candle, giving thanks for all that I have been blessed with in this life to date and calling to my guides and the four directions. Five also represents the four elements and four directions plus spirit.

Then I sit for a few minutes and release any thoughts I have in my mind. Next I like to write down or think about what I want or need and goals I'd like to reach in the coming year -but I do this as I already have them. (ie- I manage my own successful business) This is the strongest intention setting you can send out into the universe.

You can then send some energy to your crystal grid if you have one, or hold your crystals and bond with the frequency they emit.

Once you have finished remember to release and thank the directions and your guides for being a part of your ritual and supporting your goals.

I wish the easy flowing of abundance in all forms to you all this year! Now grab whatever tools you have around you and prepare to take a couple of minutes to set your intentions for the year to come!

This or something better! Aho!

Happy wandering

Vanessa xx

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