Raising Your Personal Vibration

​Are you often thinking; "That's never me", "I never win anything", "I'm always sick", "I can't do that", "I'm never going to afford to pay this"? Do you wake up with the sniffles, spill your coffee, kick your toe, don't find a close car park at work only for it to start raining, get into work, the boss is at you for some late reports and it's only been two hours since you woke up? If you answered yes to any of this it is quite possible you are running at a low vibration. Were you aware that our bodies are made up of energy? Yes we in fact are energy. Little energy bubbles/atoms whatever you want to call them, floating around in the bigger energy field that is the Earth and the Universe etc etc. Just like anything else our energy can run at a negative or a positive, we call this low or high vibrations. If you have any 'sciency knowhow' you will know that like attracts like. The universe is sending you more energies that match your own. If you are running at a low vibration, you my dear friend, are a little raging negative ball pulling all other energies operating on the same frequency your way with a big vacuum that's saying, "My life sucks! Come and make it worse!". On the other hand you may have a high vibration. You will be feeling well, things will slip into place for you naturally, happy people will generally be a part of your life, you may win things and your on your way to living a carefree life. Not everyone is one or the other constantly - that is hard work sometimes! You can have good days and bad days, but just keep on the lookout for changes and know then that that is when you need to start thinking and acting differently to raise your vibrations.   There are lots of ways to raise your vibrations and if you have been stuck vibrating on a low frequency for some time - and I know there is people out there who have and are - it may take a little patience and retraining of your brain to start thinking and acting like a high vibrational energy being (a happy person). Your mind, body and spirit will be in more balance, your body will become healthier, you will have less stress and more energy etc etc  The first step to raising your vibration is to stop being a negative nancy! This may actually be a hard task for some people that have it programmed into their minds to always spit out negative thoughts before good ones or always picking the faults in things (or people). Every time you catch yourself thinking or saying anything negative acknowledge the thought and replace it with a positive/optimistic one. Soon you will be seeing the positives in everything! The second step is to realise that like attracts like. Are you surrounded by low vibrating people? If so start to generate your time to being spent with high vibrating happy people that see the fun side of life. You will soon start to feed off their energy. The next step is gratitude. you must see the great things in your life and truly be grateful for them. There are many things we take for granted everyday that someone else would desire above all else. Be happy you have a roof over your head, food on your plate, a toothbrush, a pen to write with - there has to be many things! This step also takes into consideration forgiveness, be grateful for the people in your life, if they no longer serve you, understand they are walking their own path, forgive and be grateful they taught you a personal lesson on your life journey. Another way to raise your vibe is to spend time in the most high vibrational space you can - nature! Head outdoors, take some grounding breathes and enjoy the fresh air, the sunshine, the rain. Be at one with the world. Another easy way is to wear some crystals! Did you know crystals vibrate on their own frequency as well? Wearing crystals, especially clear quartz will automatically raise your vibrations without you having to do anything. Make sure you are wearing them with the intention to raise your vibration higher and not to enhance your low vibration. Lastly do something that you enjoy doing. It may sound simple but how many of us living busy lives actually take the time for ourselves? Listen to some good music, do some exercise, eat healthy foods.  When you are taking care of your body it will respond by giving you more energy. ​Not all of us find these things easy, it may take time and of course we will fall down on some days, and you will now understand what is happening. But rest assured if you are following these steps you will raise your vibrations again and be on your way to living a healthy and happy life. 

Happy wandering xx

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