Refreshing Orange Green Tea Bath Soak

Today's Therapy Thursday is a Refreshing Orange Green Tea Bath Soak by The Wonder Forest. This refreshing and antioxidant fueled soak will have you energized and ready to take on the world!

Ingredients An orange Epsom salt Green tea packets

Method Start by grabbing an orange. Squeeze the juice out into a bowl and toss the remaining bits. Add the juice to 1 cup of Epsom salt. If your container has a lid, shake it up well. If not just stir until all of the salt is coated. If it’s too “juicy”, add more salt. Epsom salt also has tons of benefits, like soothing aches, relaxing the nervous system, and releasing toxins from the body. Add in one or two packets of green tea. I literally cut open tea bags and emptied the contents into the mixture. Stir it up really well. By now you should be smelling a lovely fresh scent. It’s almost minty. Pour the salts into a jar for storage. The salts will dry after a little while.

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