Road Opener Bath Blend for Abundance

It's Therapy Thursday and today I have a fantastic aromatic bath recipe by The Hoodwitch that will help remove blocks and open you up to further abundant success. ABRE CAMINO ( ROAD OPENER) BATH To open the way to opportunities, money, and success.

Ingredients 1 gallon of water Orange peels from 3 oranges 2 cinnamon sticks (1 stick if sensitive skin) 8 cloves 8 star anise 1 bunch of mint 1 tsp coconut oil

Method I recommend using this bath 3 days in a row. Take your regular shower. Place everything into a large pot and simmer the herbs for 13 minutes, strain, and add to a warm bath. Add the coconut oil last. Soak for 25 minutes or longer. Do not rinse. Pat dry.

To make this more convenient you can make a large batch by doubling the recipe, let the mixture cool, and refrigerate. Each day warm up 3 cups of the mixture until comfortably warm and pour it onto yourself from the neck down. Do not rinse. Pat dry.

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