Salt Baths in the Shower!?

Ever wanted to take a long relaxing salt bath after a hard day? But then realise you don't actually have a bathtub?

Right..well it's something I have done, and I found a simple way to get the benefits of a relaxing bath in the shower.

What you'll need:

Bath salts (Epsom, pink Himalayan or dead sea salt)

Essential Oils or herbs


Organza bag


How to do it?

Prep for your salt shower before getting in. Into a small organza bag spoon 1-3 tablespoons of your favourite salts. If you wish to add some aromatherapy to soothe or invigorate during your shower add some drops of essential oils or herbs to your salt mix.

If you have some small tumbled stones to add to the experience add these also to your little baggie. Stones such as amethyst and rose quartz would be perfect for a relaxing, self love shower. Make sure the crystals you choose are not water soluble.

Tie the organza bag closed with your ribbon and then tie it to the shower head. Take your shower as usual and before you get out lift the tie froward onto the shower head so the organza bag hangs into the water stream.

Stand under the gorgeous stream of healthy, salt- mineral filled water!

The experience will not last as long as a bath soak but doing the salt rinse at the end of your shower will allow the salty goodness to stay and keep working on your skin long after you get out.

(I keep the organza baggie tied in my shower for quick easy reuse.)

Happy wandering xx

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